Big Brother 2013: Suggestions Box task prompts huge rows between Dexter Koh, Sallie Axl & People’s Puppet Michael Dylan! (VIDEO)

michael and sallie row big brother 2013

As we reported yesterday, the Big Brother housemates were given a task for which they had to write down anonymous suggestions for their fellow housemates…

The suggestions then went into Big Brother’s Suggestion Box, and yesterday afternoon, Charlie Travers was tasked with reading out a selection of the suggestions.

Dexter- who was saved from eviction last night – listened in silence as, among the suggestions for him, it was revealed that one of his housemates thinks he needs to stop stirring up drama. Former copper Dan Neal was told off for being a little bit too bitchy, while both Callum and Daley heard suggestions that they should be “more forthcoming and outgoing.”

daniel neal

Jemima was accused of bossiness in the kitchen, but it was suggestions for Gina and Sallie that proved the most controversial…

Sallie’s suggestion was that she should pay more attention when people speak to her, because she can be “quite ignorant.” Gina, meanwhile, was told, “You’re not proving likeable to the group.”

michael, gina, sallie, big brother 2013

The People’s Puppet Michael was given the suggestion that he stop moaning, and the anonymous writer of the suggestion pointed out that he has all of his clothes, and has been given treats, and therefore has little to whine about.

Later, as the dust settled, Dexter confessed that he’d called Dan “bitchy” in his attitude towards Michael, which prompted Dan and Sallie to turn on the self-proclaimed sugar daddy, with Sallie branding him a “snake” and a “mouse.”

sallie axl, michael dylan

Not content with one row, Sallie then sought out Michael and asked him, “Will you be happy if I go?”

Michael replied, “Yes, the last two days have been hard with you…”

Things went from bad to worse at that point, with Sallie telling Michael, “You’re a lot nastier than what you think. You’re a little evil…”

Michael retorted, “You’re evil too!”

After leaving the row, Michael has told the others, “I can’t be around that girl any more. That girl is a nightmare.”

We will of course see that bust up in tonight’s Channel 5 highlights show, but for now, here’s a look at recent house action…



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