Big Brother 2013: The housemates become superheroes and they must save their shopping from a painful end – forget The Avengers THIS is The Rescue Squad

by Nick Barnes


The final shopping task in the Big Brother 2013 house kicked off this morning and the housemates have become super heroes!

Much like the super heroes we all know, the housemates have one main mission – to save their shopping from a series of perilous situations at the hands of the big bad… Big Brother!

How It Works

This week, the housemates have become the Rescue Squad and they are responsible for all emergency situations that may occur in the Big Brother house. The treehouse has become Rescue HQ complete with an emergency phone which must be manned at all times by two housemates.

Whenever the emergency phone rings, they must immediately answer the call and jot down where the emergency is taking place and what the nature of the emergency is. The housemates must then dash to save their shopping from a painful end.

Housemates will take it in turn to man Rescue HQ and respond to all emergences in pairs of their own choosing. For two days they must rescue their shopping (and golden tickets which represent special prizes) from a series of perilous situations. Any shopping they rescue, they can keep!


Here are the emergencies:

Burning Building (Trigger)

In the garden is the Town Hall – a building which has a tendency to catch fire and will do so throughout the course of the task. Each time the building catches fire, the Rescue Squad members must be on standby to catch any shopping which jumps for safety.


In the sewer (large task room), the poor shopping has been tied to a chair. A bright green laser beam is heading towards it slowly. If the laser beam hits the shopping, it will destroy it. Two Rescue Squad housemates, stuck together by double-sided tape, must free themselves and turn the laser off to win the shopping.



On the main street (the garden), the shopping is surrounded by large barrels labelled “gunpowder” – each with a coloured wire representing a different housemate. The housemates must answer three questions correctly by cutting three wires in the correct order to disable the detonator. Each mistakes cuts a minute off their time. It is their job to disarm the bomb and save the shopping before the bomb detonates.

You can see day one of the task on tomorrow evening’s show.

Nick Barnes

Nick is the Assistant Editor at Unreality TV, along with being a full-time Beyoncé obsessor! Email him at or catch him on Twitter @ImNickBarnes