Big Brother 2013: The housemates get their letters from home and it all gets totes emosh!

dexter koh


As a reward for passing the painting task, which can be seen in tonight’s show, the Housemates are rewarded with their letters from home, and it all gets a bit totes emosh for most of the Housemates.

Yesterday, the Housemates were given a blank canvas, an easel and a palette of paint and they had to paint an abstract picture which represented their time in the house. If Big Brother was satisfied with their attempt, the Housemates would then receive their letters from home – which they did.

The twins are the first to receive their letter from home, which is from their mum and dad. Jack and Joe’s parents warn them to “keep your wits about you and enjoy the experience” and they also joke that they are “saving a fortune on food shopping”.

Charlie is told to “kick ass with Dexter and Callum” in a letter from her mum. Sophie’s letter comes from her mum, in which she tells her there “ain’t nothing wrong with your accent babe!”

Sophie Lawrence

Dexter gets a bit teary when Gina’s letter is read out from her mum, in which she tells her she misses her “million calls a day”, adding that she is proud of her. Hazel’s mum tells her “to keep smiling with your eyes”… possibly Hazel’s mum’s way of telling her to keep her trap shut!

It’s tears all round when Callum reads out new BFF Sam’s letter. Sam’s parents say that they are “glad he’s found a friend in Callum” which subsequently makes Callum cry. The letter goes on to state that he is a “role model for deaf children and this has been the best BB ever!”

Dexter’s mum says it was amazing to see him as part of the shopping task last week and she admitted she cringed when he went in the house but couldn’t stop laughing when he streaked. She also went on to add the she sees he likes Callum and Gina “gets you more than any other housemate”.

Finally, Callum receives his letter in which his mum tells him it’s “lovely to watch your bromance with Sam”.

Big Brother continues this evening at 9PM on Channel 5/HD.

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  1. Palomino on August 1, 2013 at 12:48 pm

    I really feel so sorry for Sophie, as, her Mother is obviously uneducated in the way, the Queens English is spoken, what a low standard for all her family to have to live with!!, as the Mum,s reply was “AIN,T nothing wrong with your accent Babe!!”, its nit an accent, Sam has an accent and yet speaks much better English in everyway than poor old Sophie, and Sam is partly deaf,bless him!!. I would hate to have a Mother who did not speak nicely , but, covered it up, as, comes from Souf London, in it!!!! . Twins or Sam to win!!!!!!. By the way, Gina speaks beautiful English, shame on you Sophies Mother!!!!.

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