Big Brother 2013: The housemates successfully save some shopping, but can they beat the Steam Roller?

by Nick Barnes


This week’s superhero shopping task continues today and Big Brother continues his tyrannous reign over the Big Brother house and its shopping.

Yesterday, this week’s shopping task kicked of to a flying start in which the hosemates had to become part of the Big Brother Rescue Squad and attend emergencies that put their shopping in danger. Any shopping they saved, they could keep.

Day Two

Burning Building

Today the Town Hall in the garden will continue to set on fire. Housemates on shift at Rescue HQ must hurry over to catch any shopping jumping for safety.


The shopping has been hijacked and is being held ransom in the house. The housemates must follow a series of clues which are hidden around the house. The clues will lead the housemates to their shopping – but they must be quick or it will meet a grizzly end.

Steam Roller

A steam roller will enter the garden and stop at the traffic lights on Main Street. The driver will jump out and throw a huge amount of shopping along the length of the road. When the light turns green, the stream roller will move towards the shopping, crushing whatever lies in its path. An override lever can be found in the sewer which will turn the traffic light from green to red. Two housemates have been handcuffed together to a matrix of pipes in the sewer. They must navigate through the pipe matrix and reach the lever as quickly as possible. The faster they move, the more shopping they will win.



–          Gina and Sam stopped the laser from destroying the shopping by freeing themselves from being taped together.

–          Charlie and Dexter saved a selection of shopping by guessing the answers to a number of housemate related questions and defusing the detonator.

–          Various housemates saved shopping that jumped to safety from the burning town hall. Unfortunately, some of the shopping had to be taken to hospital as it wasn’t saved…

–          By defusing the bomb, Charlie and Dexter also won a special golden token which was exchanged for a selection of tweets from their fans.

Big Brother continues this evening on Channel 5/HD. Also, tune into Bit on the Side right after as there’s set to be an almighty twist!

Nick Barnes

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