Big Brother 2013: Wolfy Millington converts ex-copper Dan Neal (in a matter of speaking) to talk to insects… erm.. ok!


I’m not going to lie, the whole ‘talking to bugs and insects’ thing creeps me out ever so slightly, but Wolfy Millington has managed to convert hunky ex-copper Dan Neal (in a matter of speaking) to begin talking to bugs.

The pair, along with Sophie, were set in the garden last night as a bug landed on Dan’s jacket, in which Wolfy told him to talk to it as it was his “friend”. I know the house can get to some housemates as it’s a lot of pressure in there, but can someone call the doctor?

After Wolfy told him he had a “friend” on him and that it was crawling down his back, a weirded out and rather terrified looking Dan tried to find what Wolfy was piping on about.

Wolfy told him to talk to the insect, and upon asking “What should I say to him?”

She replied: “What do you have to teach me?”


I’d like to think Dan was caught up in the moment and was being polite as he sat on the grass and literally asked the bug “What do you have to teach me?” – It was late, everyone was clearly tired.

Wolfy preached to the seemingly converted: “You’re thinking too hard into it, you had something then, what was it? You had something right then. You had it in your head and you doubted it. What did he say?”

Dan told her that the bug said to him that he was right about how he feels in the house.

Wolfy ran into the house: “I tell you what, right! I’ve well converted Dan”.

Sophie seemed a bit freaked out by the whole situation telling Dan it was a Nat and it was “f**king sucking your blood”.

wolfy millington, daniel neal

Dan concluded: “It’s the bizarrest thing that has ever happened to me in my life. She went ‘close your eyes and talk to it’. I dunno, I think I’m imagining it now.

“I’ve told it it’s time to go, will it go? Oh my f**king God, it has…”

Yes Dan, it’s the bizarrest thing we’ve ever had to sit and watch as well…

Big Brother continues this evening at 10pm on Channel 5/HD.

Nick Barnes

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