Last night Bea led some of the Housemates in a revolt to appeal for Marcus in tonight’s eviction. This morning Isaac and Noirin heard about this and asked Bea about it, which she flatly denied saying “we aren’t allowed to give out messages to the public”. Noirin wryly replied “Come on now, your are making us out to be idiots”.

Bea then finally decided to get it off her chest and have it out with Noirin over her treatment of friend Siavash. As Noirin was packing her clothes into a suitcase in preparation for the impending eviction tonight Bea started up the conversation telling her housemate, “It’s a real shame what has happened. There is a definite atmosphere in the air”, before continuing that everyone has their own opinion on the situation and adding, “I don’t think the situation has been dealt with well”.

“On who’s part”, asked a confused Noirin. “I am surprised you don’t feel bad”, replied Bea.

The conversation heated up when Noirin told Bea that she does feel bad but she loves new housemate Isaac. “It’s not like he’s come back from the dead”, said Bea.

Norin got tense and told Bea, “You are a nosey little cow. P*** off” adding that anything between her and Siavash is just between the two of them, “I told Siavash I didn’t want to be with him”.

Isaac joined in the argument and tells Noirin all it was “you got drunk and you kissed someone”, shrugging to show it was no big deal. His reassurance riled Bea who jumped in with “If that’s what she told you then you are a fool” continuing with “It wasn’t a drunken one off thing. She has been telling people things have gone on from the beginning”.

“Mind your business. Everyone mind your business”, Noirin shouted at Bea. Bea told Noirin she isn’t being very” ladylike”. Noirin replied, “If you were a lady you wouldn’t go around sticking your nose in other peoples business”.

The argument reached boiling point with Bea calling Noirin selfish and wishing her good luck, “I think you’ll need it”, to which Noirin retorted “don’t be so patronising”. “It is being nice. That is a word you are not used to”, said Bea.

The last words came from Norin with, “P*** off. I’m not talking to you and I don’t want to hear what you are saying”.

Bea leaves the bedroom to talk to the other housemates about what has been said with Isaac adding, “This is a fun house”.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!