Big Brother: Bea, Marcus and David face eviction

Yesterday Housemates spent the morning discussing upcoming nominations.

Bea, Charlie, David, Lisa and Marcus all nominated as usual however, when Siavash was called into the Diary Room he informed Big Brother that he was refusing to nominate again this week saying “Biggie, Someone has got to go up. Everyone has suddenly noticed that Bea is a negative person. That is everything I hate about the game. I am not going to blame the players as they are in the game and have to play the game. So I am going to blame the game and not nominate.

Big Brother informed Siavash that he was breaking a “fundamental rule of Big Brother” to which he replied “I have given you my reasons … but you make a decision and you stand by it. No free rides.”

Big Brother informed Siavash that there would be consequences and that he would be nominating. He was told Big Brother would inform him who he has nominated in due course.

Siavash left the Diary Room very confused and told Housemates “I think something really bad has happened. I don’t know what”. He told Marcus “I think I have managed to outdone [sic] myself”.

Big Brother decided that the first two people that Siavash comes into contact with will be his nominations this week.

An hour later Siavash was called into the Diary Room and told who he had nominated but not told how this had been chosen.

Following Siavash returning to the House he told Sophie the outcome of his actions. Sophie was called into the Diary Room to nominate. She too refused to name her nominations saying she would rather put herself up as “we are nominating friends now. It’s really hard”. She added “it’s not that I am doing it to break the rules but I can’t find a reason to nominate anyone”. Big Brother informed Sophie that she would nominate and that she would be informed of her nominations in due course. Sophie was not told how she would be nominating. Upon hearing this Sophie said “can I please not nominate Rodrigo as I don’t think he would be very happy”.

Big Brother decided that the first two Housemates names that Sophie says will be her nominations this week. Sophie said “Rodrigo” and “Bea”.

Housemates are still allowed to freely discuss nominations. Housemates will be formally told who is up for eviction later today.


Bea nominated Rodrigo and David

Charlie nominated Marcus and Siavash

David nominated Marcus and Siavash

Lisa nominated Bea and Marcus

Marcus nominated Bea and David

Rodrigo nominated Bea and David

Siavash – Refused to nominate. The consequence of his actions is that the first two people he had physical contact with are his two nominations. Siavash came into contact with Bea and Sophie

Sophie – Refused to nominate. The consequence of her actions is that the first two people’s names she says will be her two nominations. Sophie said Rodrigo and Bea.

Therefore Bea received five nominations, Marcus received three nominations and David also received three nominations. All three will face the public vote. One will be evicted from the Big Brother House this Friday.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!