Big Brother Day Five Highlights!

9:42am: All the housemates are asleep. They are awoken by the loud noise of a rooster. As they get up, they realise the house has opened up to include a new sitting room, another toilet, some furniture and a swimming pool in the garden and dining table in the living room. Kris, Charlie and Cairon walk into the garden and see the pool. Kris and Charlie leap into the pool and then – realising how cold it is – shriek and climb straight out.

Sree is in the diary room talking about the Big Brother experience. Big Brother asks if there’s anyone he particularly gets on with in the house. He replies ‘…..currently, at this moment…everybody is loving me’.

12:38pm: Siavash, Sree, Charlie and Saffia are in the bedroom discussing Halfwit (Freddie). Siavash asks Charlie if fancies Halfwit. Charlie says he doesn’t fancy anyone in the house. Siavash asks ‘You say you do not fancy me?’ Charlie says ‘Nah – I don’t like your hair. If you got rid of all that hair then we could talk’. Charlie asks ‘Would you shave it all off for us?’ and Siavash is curious to know ‘What are you promising me if I do shave it all off?’ Charlie replies ‘The full whack – wedding, the lot’. Sree asks Charlie if he fancies him. Charlie replies in jest ‘I fancy you as well obviously’. Sree asks Charlie to ‘Come here’ for a hug but then says ‘Not on the lips!’ as they embrace.

In the living room, Marcus says ‘He’s just like an annoying little brother isn’t he?” as he talks about Sree with Angel, Lisa, Karly, Charlie and Kris. ‘It’s like you get attached to him,’ replies Kris, ‘and then it’s like, I’d like to humour you but I haven’t got a clue what you’re on about’. Lisa then announces that ‘I’m getting a slight bit aggravated by Freddie. It’s his voice. I can’t be doing it.’

1:51pm: Halfwit and Rodrigo are talking about anarchists. Rodrigo asks Halfwit (Freddie) if he is an anarchist and Freddie replies ‘I agree with their views’. Rodrigo asks Freddie is he has ever met The Queen. Halfwit says he hasn’t and Rodrigo declares he would love to meet the queen, and that ‘it is one of my dreams’. He asks Freddie if he thinks she watches Big Brother. Freddie suggests she or her grandchildren might. Rodrigo says she seems very friendly, and Freddie agrees she is very dignified. Rodrigo observes ‘she has a very nice figure’.

2:30pm: Halfwit (Freddie) prepared a salad but makes a large amount and uses all the eggs – this causes friction with some of the housemates and he realises he may have made a mistake. He is upset that people are angry with him for cooking and is left confused. He says he is not certain whether he can last more than a week in the BB house. Siavash and Ciaron offer advice and support.

3:01pm: Charlie pushes Saffia into the pool when she isn’t expecting it. Although she’s surprised and completely drenched, she sees the funny side and says ‘I couldn’t even breathe Charlie!’

5:01pm: Some of the housemates are in the garden following Angel’s exercise routine. Karly, Cairon and Siavash are watching from the living room in hysterical laughter.

7:46pm: Karly and Rodrigo are in the bathroom. Rodrigo is talking about his desire to learn more languages. Karly says she knows a little bit of German. She claims German and English are quite are similar in terms of sentence structure. She says ‘A part of this was because…like, the war…you know when there was the Nazi’s and stuff came to Britain… that’s why German and English are so similar’

9:32pm Siavash is in the bath, while Cairon stands next to the bath washing Siavash’s hair. ‘Oh f**king yes’ says Siavash. Sophia walks in and starts laughing when she seems them. Cairon admits it ‘Looks kind of odd’ but claims ‘there’s no funny stuff!’

Some of the housemates are discussing whether to exchange a token for alcohol. Karly and Dogface (Sophie) go to the diary room to ask Big Brother if they can exchange a token for drink. Big Brother agrees.

10:37pm: Dogface and Karly take some alcohol back to the housemates. Lisa is irritated because she wasn’t consulted, and other items such as tea bags and milk have run out and they’ve prioritised alcohol without asking her. She says that tomorrow she is ‘taking a token’.

12:40am: Halfwit (Freddie), Cairon and Siavash are in the garden discussing which girls they find attractive in the house. Halfwit says Noirin is the sexiest and Dogface (Sophie) is the prettiest. Siavash says if he wasn’t seeing someone he would ask Noirin to marry him. Cairon says he could ‘stare at her all day’.

2:37am: Sree and Karly are talking in the living room. Sree says he sometimes feels uncomfortable with how Karly and Sophie dress, and that some people in the audience might enjoy seeing women half-naked. Karly gets upset – she says she is not bothered by his comments about how she dresses but she is missing her boyfriend.

3am: Cairon and Karly are in the garden. She tells him that she is upset by Sree’s comments earlier about how people might perceive her outside the house. Ciaron tells her ‘You ain’t doing nothing wrong. You ain’t got to worry about that sh*t’. Karly says ‘I know who I am and I’m happy with who I am’.

4:04am: Most of the housemates are in the bedroom. Sree is snoring until Noirin goes over to wake him up.
Cairon is in the diary room. He says ‘I just need to take a breather. All this stress’

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!