Big Brother Highlights: Day 7

1:08pm: Marcus, Karly, Dogface and Sophia are in the Kitchen talking about Sree. Karly says that he can be ‘hypocritcal’ when referring to how she and Sophie dress, but would then sit and cuddle them. Sophie adds: ‘Yet it’s ok for him to walk around in his Y-Fronts and jump in the bath and for them to go see through.’

Halfwit, Sree and Angel are on the Sofas. Sree asks Dogface what he thinks of him. Dogface says: ‘You have a bit of a self image that you’re trying to live up too.’ Sree says that people need to talk to resolve any differences. Halfwit explains: ‘I get bitchy when I’m tired.’ I’ve mostly chosen not to spend that much time with you cos I think, can I really be bothered.’

2:21pm: Some of the Housemates are in the Kitchen. Halfwit says that there are definitely people in the house he finds sexy and has chemistry with, including Charlie. Saffia and Noirin tease them and tell them to kiss. Halfwit is willing but Charlie refuses.

4:08pm: Some of the Housemates are in the Bedroom. Kris is giving Sophie a back massage. Some of the Housemates are in the Living Room. Halfwit and Sophia are discussing the opposite sex. Halfwit says that his past three ‘lovers’ have all had ‘low sexy voices, dancers, all bi-sexual.’

4:39pm: Noirin is giving Marcus a back massage in the bedroom. Marcus comments that a lot of the Housemates are going to be ‘booed the s**t out of them.’ Noirin mentions that Sophie isn’t perceived the way she looks and Marcus adds that Sophie doesn’t have any ego: ‘She’s my second favourite girl in the house.’

Kris and Charlie are in the sitting room discussing their attraction to fellow Housemates. Kris says he would have a ‘cheeky snog’ with some Housemates but there is no one he really likes.’ Charlie says would go for Norin. They both agree that Sophie is attractive but Kris thinks she looks ‘dead young.’ Chris thinks if a bi sexual guy came into the house, the female Housemates would be all over him. Kris disagrees and says that ‘A girl pulling a lad and she knows that a willy has been in his mouth.’

6:36pm: Big Brother has gathered housemates in the Living Room. Big Brother has provided Cairon with a set of instructions to read to his fellow Housemates. It is the weeks Shopping Task.

One Housemate must make their way through a laser field in the Task Room to rescue a large emerald, without breaking the laser beams. The Housemates have one minute to decide which of them will negotiate the Laser Field, they all agree that the ‘Chosen Housemate’ will be Kris.

The laser field is made up of a course that runs from the Start circle to the finish circle via six numbered podiums. Kris makes his way from podium to podium in numerical order. Each time he breaks the beam, Kris must return to previous Podium and wait until Big Brother instructs him to continue. Kris has 15 minutes to make his way from the Start circle to the Finish circle.

The laser field in the Task Room is connected up to 14 balloons in the Garden. The remaining Housemates each stand on a box in the Garden and hold a balloon against their chest and under their chin. Every time the Laser in the Task Room is broken, one balloon will burst and cover the Housemate holding it in a mixture of custard, water and food colouring.

The ‘Chosen Housemate’ is only permitted to break the beam six times, therefore bursting six balloons. If the 7th balloon is burst, before the Housemate has completed the Laser Course, Housemates will fail the Task, all the balloons will burst and Housemates will receive a Basic Shopping Budget of £1 per head per day. If the Chosen Housemate exceeds the 15 minute time limit they will fail the Task, all the balloons will burst and Housemates will receive a Basic Shopping Budget.

If the Chosen Housemate gets through the laser course indicated breaking the laser six times or less, they will pass the task for the Group and receive a Luxury Shopping Budget of £5 per head per day.

However, once the Chosen Housemate passes the finish Circle, Big Brother will instruct them to press the red detonator button to remove the Jewel from the casing. The Laser Housemate will only complete their Task by removing the jewel from the casing. But what they don’t know is that by removing the Emerald Of Hope, they will automatically trigger any remaining balloons to burst, therefore covering all Housemates in the custard, water and food colouring mixture.

8:02pm: Kris is in the task room, all of the Housemates are in the Garden. Kris goes through the laser course and breaks the beam twice, bursting Lisa and Karly’s balloons. He then successfully rescued the Emerald Of Hope, and wins a Luxury Shopping Budget the group. In the garden, all the housemates get covered in the mixture.

9:58pm: All of the Housemates are gathered on the Sofa to hear the results of the first round of nominations. Sophia says she knew she was going to be up for eviction. Marcus shakes Halfwits hand and remarks: ‘Best of luck mate, I never voted for you.’ Lisa reminds him that he’s should not talk about nominations. Marcus replies: ‘Too f**king late now.’

Some of the Housemates go out to the smoking area. Sree hugs Halfwit and tells him that he didn’t vote for him. Halfwit jokes: ‘This is my first national election.’

11:08pm: Some of the Housemates are in the Bedroom. Kris is plucking Saffia’s eyebrows; she has her head in his lap. Kris says: ‘You’ll give me a semi in a minute.’
11.44pm: Angel is in the Diary Room. Big Brother has given her a Russian themed Birthday party for one. She is treated to a selection of her favourite foods, served inside Russian dolls, whilst listening to traditional Russian music and wearing a cossack hat embellished with a party hat. Inside the dolls are milk, instant mashed potato, Moscow salami, a raw free range organic egg and a Russian sweet.
Some of the Housemates are in the bedroom talking about relationships. Lisa says that it would be good for her to ‘Never have another woman.’ She adds: ‘I’ve had enough to last me till I’m 90!’

1:00am: In the Bedroom, Sophie and Kris are cuddling in bed, Saffia is watching them.

2:45pm: Most of the Housemates are chatting in the bedroom. Freddie gets out of bed and pleads with them to keep the noise down adding: I’ve been ‘f**king Knackered ‘since being here through lack of sleep. The Housemates apologies and agree to keep quiet and turn the light off.

More Housemates enter the Bedroom and Charlie jokes that Halfwit needs to get up early for work. Housemates begin to laugh and joke. Halfwit gets out of bed, gathers his bedding and leaves the bedroom.’

In the Diary Room, Halfwit tells Big Brother that he doesn’t want to be a ‘killjoy.’ Adding: ‘There are lots of rooms where they can stay up as late as they like, it’s very frustrating.

Later in the Diary Room, Sree tells Big Brother that he is loosing his patience with the majority of Housemates due to their lack of courtesy towards their fellow Housemates. He talks about them not letting Halfwit sleep.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!