big brother eye 2009

As they wiped the sleep from their eyes this morning Housemates discovered that for this week’s shopping task they will inhabit the Big Brother House of Horrors. Giant spiders and cobwebs hang from the walls and the garden has been transformed into a cemetery with each Housemate having their own tombstone.

“All these gravestones have our names on,” remarked Charlie. “I hope mine is in the sun.”

“Why’s mine got a crow on?” wailed Bea, before noticing a red gloopy substance in a nearby bath. “Oh my God, there’s blood in this!” she shrieked. A train track and dismembered body parts were also found scattered around the Garden as speculation started to grow about the purpose of the morbid makeover.

“This is going to be a good, good Task,” beamed Lisa.

The task consists of four separate challenges and one group challenge. If Housemates pass three or more of the five challenges they will receive a luxury budget of £5 per head per day. Housemates have yet to assign themselves roles

” WEREWOLVES (2 x Housemates)
” VAMPIRES (2 x Housemates)
” SKELETON (1 x Housemate) & HEADLESS HORSEMAN (1 x Housemate)
” Dr FRANKENSTEIN (1 Housemate) & FRANKENSTEIN’S MONSTER (1 Housemate)

Big Brother has place two rocks in the living room . From dusk until 2am, Big Brother will play the sound of a werewolf howling. Upon hearing this, the Werewolves have 75 seconds to get on the rock, outstretch their arms for ten seconds, then remove their costumes to reveal there inner werewolf suit underneath. They must also howl like a wolf until they hear the sound of birds tweeting. If Werewolves fail to complete these instructions, they will fail their part of this week’s task.

The two Vampires will take part in a challenge this afternoon. Vampires like to hang around in cemeteries, upside down. In the garden is a church roof. To pass the challenge each vampire must hang upside from the church roof, attached only by their legs, for a total of seven minutes.

The Skeleton and Headless Horseman will take part in a challenge tomorrow.

Dr Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Monster will take part in a scientific experiment later today. The small task room has been converted into a laboratory with two tables. On one table is a ‘corpse’, containing body parts that must be surgically removed by Dr Frankenstein using the metal tools provided. Each body part is sat in a wire mesh case.

In the lab is also a set of stimulator pads. These must be attached to Frankenstein’s Monster’s buttocks. If, when attempting to remove a body part, Dr Frankenstein touches the wire mesh with a surgical tool, a buzzer will sound and Frankenstein’s Monster will receive a mild electric shock. Each time the buzzer sounds, Dr Frankenstein must replace the body part, but may re-attempt to remove it. Dr Frankenstein must remove eight of the ten body parts in order to pass their part of the shopping task.

GHOST TRAIN (Group Challenge)
Throughout today and tomorrow a ghost train will travel through the Big Brother garden. On the sound of the train whistle, all Housemates must walk around the garden like zombies until the whistle sounds again once the Ghost train has left the garden. Housemates must incur no more than 3 fails in order to pass this part of the task.

One Housemate will take part in a mummy challenge tomorrow.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!