Big Brother: Housemates Fail Greece Task

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As part of this weeks Greek shopping task Housemates have been embracing the culture, the food and the history of Greece. However, Big Brother have added a twist to this weeks challenge.

Earlier today Big Brother called Halfwit to the Diary Room and explained that he, and he alone was responsible for passing this week’s Shopping Task.

Big Brother explained that the Aphrodite Challenge, the Kebab Chef Challenge, the Stavros Flatley Challenge and the Changing of the Guards challenge were ALL just cover stories for the real Task at hand.

The Real Task was as follows:

Marcus, Kenneth and Tom were all required to take part in head to head challenges. Big Brother instructed Halfwit to select an opponent for Marcus, Kenneth and Tom to go up against in their respective challenges.

Halfwit was required to select opponents who he believed would BEAT Marcus, Kenneth and Tom in their respective challenges.

At least TWO of the opponents Halfwit selected had to win their challenge in order for Housemates to pass this week’s Shopping Task and win a Luxury Budget of five pounds per head per day.

Big Brother told Halfwit that if he revealed ANY details of his secret shopping task to ANY of his fellow Housemates, he would fail this week’s Shopping Task.

Halfwit selected Tom to be Marcus’ opponent in the Arm Wrestling Challenge. As Tom lost to Marcus, Halfwit failed to chose a winning opponent for this challenge.

Halfwit selected Siavash to be Kenneth’s opponent in the Valuation Quiz. As Siavash lost to Kenneth Halfwit failed to choose a winning opponent for this challenge.

Halfwit selected Marcus to be Tom’s opponent in the endurance weight lifting challenge, as Marcus lost to Tom, Halfwit failed to chose a winning opponent for this challenge

Furthermore Halfwit clearly attempted to influence the results of these three challenges by hinting at the desired outcome for each challenge to his fellow Housemates.

As a result, Halfwit would have failed the Task regardless of the outcome of the Head to Head challenges.

Big Brother can confirm that Housemates will be receiving a Basic Shopping Budget of £1 per head per day.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!