Big Brother: Rex Returns!

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Big Brother celebrates its tenth anniversary on the 18th July, so this week becomes a commemoration of some of the best tasks and moments of the show over the last ten years.

This week’s Task runs across four days, with Housemates playing to win a luxury food budget for the next week. Housemates must succeed in seven of the nine challenges in order to successfully pass the shopping task and receive a luxury budget of £5 per head per day for the next week.

BB9 – BUZZ with Rex

Today, Marcus is going up against BB9’s Rex in the electrifying task from last year’s show, the steady hand challenge. They must both negotiate a copper wire course, set up in the garden, without allowing the wand to touch the wire. Each time the wand touches the wire, all BB10 Housemates apart from Marcus will receive a mild electric shock and whichever competitor is negotiating the course must return to the beginning. Rex and Marcus have one hour each to complete the course and, to win the challenge, Marcus must successfully negotiate the buzz course in a faster time than Rex. If either Rex or Marcus does not complete the course, their attempt will be judged on the furthest distance they achieve.

Each BB10 Housemate that wears their muscle simulator pads and shiny suits for the duration of the challenge will win a token. If Marcus successfully completes the course he will also receive one token.
Earlier Marcus was waiting by the bus stop in the garden as Big Brother announced for Rex to enter the garden. Rex introduced himself to Marcus and comments “you finally got to wear your X-Men outfit.” Marcus took this in good spirit and laughed. Rex went over to the window to greet fellow housemates who all waved and cheered.

Marcus told Rex that he had promised his mates that he would “punch” him if they ever met and play-punched Rex in the stomach. Marcus asks him various questions and Rex keeps quiet but tells him to “keep on” where Noirin is concerned. Marcus smiled.

As Rex began the task Marcus tells him not to “f**k up” and hints that he and his fellow housemates have no food. It’s not long before some of the housemates scream as Rex begins his part of the task – badly – clearly enjoying himself as they shrieked and screamed with each shock.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!