Big Brother’s Nadia Almada in suicide bid

by Lisa McGarry

Nadia Almada has reportedly attempted suicide, after telling a friend “I want to end it all.”

Nadia’s friend Marco Sabba had previously claimed that the former Big Brother housemate was close to breaking point, after being evicted from the show last week. Sabba claims that unseen confrontations with and comments made by Coolio have driven her to despair. He wrote:

It is most concerning that the public was misled in regards to the dispute with Coolio. He made deeply offensive, homophobic comments continuously to her and the other housemates regarding gender and sexuality for many days on end which were not broadcast. It was made to be seen that Coolio left the house after Nadia erratically confronted him about hiding her shoes. This was not the case. Coolio was on his third and final warning from Big Brother about abusive and threatening behaviour. By this point Nadia had suffered a panic attack and was mentally beginning to breakdown. Not broadcast. It was made to seem that Coolio asked BB to leave the house. He was in fact *asked* to leave the Big Brother house by Sharon Powers. If Coolio had made similar comments regarding race, BB would have been obliged to show the dispute in FULL. The transphobic slurs made and broadcast on Big Mouth and BBLB merely reinforce BB’s position that homophobia and transphobia is fully permitted and encouraged by the BB platform. As a result, it has been made to look that Coolio asked to leave the house on the flippant actions of Nadia enraged over a pair of shoes – instead of after days and days of abuse. Her moods following Coolio’s departure were a knock-on effect from his time in the house. It was also not broadcast that Coolio intimidated and threatened Nadia with talks of a stabbing earlier in his youth.

Last night, Nadia was reportedly found by a friend who was staying in her council flat, having overdosed on prescription drugs and painkillers. Almada was rushed to hospital and a friend told The Sun:

“This is a cry for help. She is very unhappy.”

In a newspaper interview last week Nadia talked about the Coolio situation and claimed that Big Brother was covering up the worst of his behaviour. She added:

“I just feel my life isn’t worth living any more. I’m in the gutter and completely distraught.”

A Big Brother spokeswoman said last night: “We have been in constant touch with Nadia and like all housemates she has access to all of our after care facilities.”


Lisa McGarry

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