Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Emma Willis talks why big names wouldn’t be suited

by Martin
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Emma Willis.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ 2014 is set to make its return to our screens on Channel 5 from the 3rd of January with a host of “celebrities” that will have many asking “really?”.

Emma Willis will return once again as host of the proceedings which will see big personality names as opposed to big name stars head in for a few weeks of light hearted torture.

Emma Willis took over the role as host of the main show from Brian Dowling in the summer and believes that the show should avoid going after big names.

The reason, she doesn’t believe they’d be entertaining enough, of course they’re big names for the show but the public want to see personalities.

Speaking with TellyMix Willis said: “With people like Nadine [Coyle] and your Lindsay Lohans, they’re so media trained that you’re never going to get anything from them.”


“People go, ‘Oh My God, Nadine’s going in, we’re going to find out all about Girls Aloud’, but you’re not.”

Emma, who also hosted the spin-off show ‘Big Brothers Bit On The Side’ continued: “She’s not going to do that, she’s still a part of it, you don’t s**t where you eat, do you?”

Continuing to talk with TellyMix about who to expect the Big Brother host said:  “I say this every time, but you’re not going to get A-listers on board because they don’t need to do it,”

“It’s not about how famous someone is, it’s their personality.

“Nadine Coyle, realistically, what are we going to get from her as a housemate? She may be real famous, but we need content.”


The rumour mill as always has been spinning like crazy throwing out names of possible “celebrities” who could be entering the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house.

Some of the names include ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ star Sam Faiers, former N-Dubz member Dappy and the controversial Katie Hopkins.

Blue singer Lee Ryan is also a name that has been thrown around but for now those are just rumours and we’ll need to wait until the night itself when they all enter the house.

A short teaser was aired recently on Channel 5 for ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ 2014 and you can check it out here. As it doesn’t show much we thought we’d show last years winner leaving the house.


  1. EmmaWFan on December 23, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    why was bradtheladlong and india reynolds on channel 5 website? hmm…and fact emma says big names won’t be good for the show makes me think them two are giong in as NOBODY HEARD OF THEM.

  2. betty on January 12, 2014 at 9:45 pm

    I have been a B.B.fan since the very first show..but no more!i am totally disgusted with this years show.tonights programme is the worst ever!!I am sure this episode will be the last many people will watch.

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