Craig Phillips Enters The Big Brother House ……. AGAIN!


Big Brother celebrates its tenth anniversary on the 18th July, so this week becomes a commemoration of some of the best tasks and moments of the show over the last ten years.

This week’s Task runs across four days, with Housemates playing to win a luxury food budget for the next week. Housemates must succeed in seven of the nine challenges in order to successfully pass the shopping task and receive a luxury budget of £5 per head per day for the next week.

Moments ago Housemates cheered and clapped when they heard that they will take part in a series of tasks from all of the previous series of the show. Marcus correctly guessed that Big Brother “might bring in people from those series as well”.

Tasks will be introduced chronologically: three tasks on days one and two, two on day three and Buzz from BB9 on the final day.

Without knowing what each task involves Housemates were given three minutes to allocate themselves to a Big Brother year. This sparked great interest and arguments in the House as each tried to decide which series was their favourite.

After picking the first series Halfwit was called into the diary room to receive instructions for the first challenge.

On reading out instructions to the rest of the House Halfwit revealed that he will be going head to head with a former Housemate. This revelation was met with screams from the rest of the Housemates.

Halfwit immediately began limbering up and Siavash helped him warm up before he entered the garden to take part in the task.

BB1 – ASSAULT COURSE with BB1 winner Craig

This iconic task from the first series of Big Brother will be replicated faithfully in the Garden. One of this year’s Housemates will take on BB1 winner Craig in a head-to-head – if this year’s Housemate beats Craig’s time then they will win their challenge.

As Craig was revealed to the other Housemates, who had to remain in the house, Dogface revealed “I used to fancy him”.

Before the task Craig and Halfwit chatted about the Big Brother experience. Halfwit revealed that other than himself he would like Marcus or Charlie to win.

As Craig stood at the start line Halfwit said “I hope you won’t try to hard to which Craig replied “I’ll take my time as you’s need to eat”.

As Halfwit lined up Craig wished him the best of luck. Craig cheered Halfwit on the whole time said “stay balanced, stay focused” . Halfwit fell off the see-saw and had to retry this item of apparatus.

Two more tasks will take place in the House today.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!