Davina McCall : Got To Dance – Extended Trailer

by Lisa McGarry

With the launch of Got To Dance hosted By Davina McCall it was key to communicate the wide range of dance styles that are open to the competition, and create awareness for Davina’s arrival on Sky 1HD. It was important that the launch Ad also reflects the broad musical tastes across the whole family target audience for the show.

Inspired by online user’s own interpretations of popular dance videos and medley dance performances from groups such as Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity, Senior Creative and Director Matthew Goodwin came up with the concept of creating a ‘mash up’ of iconic and popular dance imagery.

“The show isn’t about the the art of dance,” Goodwin says, “It’s about the joy of dancing, and it’s important to communicate energy and fun and to make the campaign entertaining in its own right.”

With a homage to Flash Dance and other pop videos like Beyonce’s Single Ladies, the spot tells the story from audition to performance and mirrors the contestants’ journey on the show with Davina being lead through various dance styles.

“The launch campaign was written with Davina at the heart of it,” adds Goodwin, “It was created around her and her fun personality.”

Davina and dancers rehearsed before the shoot, and the whole campaign has been created to play out in stages with each part adding to the next until the full performance piece.

Creative Director Andi Granger says: “With a competitive landscape of other dance shows in production, it is important that our launch campaign gets people talking. Viewers will see Davina dancing and performing in totally surprising way, that will make the launch campaign and marketing for the show very memorable”

Davina McCall said: “I’ve always been into dancing, I love watching amazing dancers of any sort and through this programme I’ve found an even deeper respect for dance. I spent half a day with a choreographer trying to pick up some moves and it took me five or six hours to learn what regular dancers can pick up in minutes.”

Earlier this year, thousands of dancers auditioned to take part in Sky1 HD’s brand new dance contest GOT TO DANCE.

Edinburgh, Manchester and London played host to the giant Dance Dome where hopefuls came to strut their funky stuff in front of an expert dance panel consisting of Diversity lead choreographer Ashley Banjo, Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt, and Coyote Ugly and West End star Adam Garcia. Host Davina McCall was on hand to congratulate or comfort those who managed or failed to make the grade.

Davina commented: “I’ve always been into dancing, I love watching amazing dancers of any sort and through this programme I’ve found an even deeper respect for dance!”

Got To Dance launches on Sky One on January 3rd.

Lisa McGarry

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