by Gerard McGarry

big brother eye 2009

As Big Brother celebrates its 10th Birthday, Housemates and viewers are set for a week-long celebration of Big Brother through the years

Big Brother celebrates its 10th anniversary in true, unpredictable style. In the week of the decennial year Big Brother will surprise Housemates and fans with a special celebration of Big Brother’s best bits from the past ten series.

Action inside the house will be raised to a whole new level with the help of some of the most memorable Housemates from years past.

Each day, some of the most entertaining Housemates from the last decade will surprise the current inhabitants of the House and challenge them to take part in a series of iconic Big Brother tasks.

Starting on Monday, three ex-Housemates will make their return to the place where it all started.

Big Brother welcomes back the first Housemate to be removed from the Big Brother House. BB1’s infamous ‘Nasty’ Nick Bateman will once again take on his former nemesis – the assault course – and pit his fitness against a current Housemate.

Later that day, Dean from BB2 will re-enact a classic task from this series – the record breaking challenge.

Finally on Monday, a group of 3 ex-Housemates from BB3 will take part in an egg & spoon race – a current Housemate must predict the winner to succeed in this task.

Tuesday will see BB4, BB5 & BB6 revisited, featuring the infamous box task.

On Wednesday, Nikki Grahame and Brian Belo will each take part in memorable task from their year. And finally on Thursday, BB9’s Rex will return to the house to give them a short, sharp shock, quite literally.

This week’s nominations have been brought forward to Sunday to allow Housemates to fully involve themselves with the tasks at hand. As usual, the nominated Housemates will face the public vote and face eviction on Friday 17th July.

The week-long birthday celebrations will culminate on Friday 17th July. During the live show’s Big Brother’s Big Mama Davina McCall will reveal what further surprises Big Brother has in store to bring festivities to a climax live on Channel 4.

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