Yesterday BB1 winner Craig Phillips took on Halfwit in the assault course. BB2’s Dean took on Lisa in an attempt build the highest tower made of sugar cubes. Rodrigo then had to bet which of the BB3 Housemates (Sophie Pritchard, Lee Davey and Alex Sibley) would win in an egg and spoon race.

Earlier today Noirin took on BB4’s Federico in a gymkhana competition. Noirin nervously passed round the house before the task started and Housemates all tried to guess which ex-Housemate she would face.
Warming up by jumping over chairs dressed in her costume, Noirin playfully cracked her whip at Marcus and Halfwit.

As she walked into the garden Marcus wished Noirin luck saying “go get ’em”. As he entered the House both Federico and Noirin admitted to each other they were nervous of the task although Federico admitted he was competitive. Within minutes Federico also revealed to Noirin that Michael Jackson had passed away. Noirin seemed too nervous to react to the news. .

As he did the task Federico chatted through out and yelled “The indignity!” He breathlessly told Noirin on finishing that she would “be great”.

As she stood on the start line the rest of the Housemates cheered Noirin on by banging on the windows of the living room.

Chatting after the task Noirin revealed that she doesn’t fancy anyone in the house and that she was disappointed by the men in the house, saying that when they all entered the house she “waited until the last one came in, but no”. Federico himself was not immune to Noirin’s charms and told her before he left that she had “beautiful eyes”.

As soon as she finished the task Noirin told Housemates that Federico had told her something from the outside. Housemates spent minutes trying to guess what it was, worried that a war had started or that Federico had told Noirin something about them all. However Noirin reassured them that is was not personal about anyone. Rodrigo speculated that someone famous had died and Charlie was worried that the Queen had died or speculated that perhaps that Katie Price and Peter Andre were back together. Noirin went straight into the diary room to ask Big Brother if she could tell the rest of the house the news about Michael Jackson.

Noirin came out of the diary room and said “Big Brother said I can tell you” she continued “For me this is a really big deal because I loved his music but Michael Jackson has died”. She added “He was an icon of my time”.

Siavash “are you S***ing us? Lisa said “what a shame” and added “we should do a task”. The Housemates then talked about Michael Jackson as a “great artist” and “brilliant dancer”. Siavash said it just “makes you realise all the things that are happening outside”. Lisa said Federico “shouldn’t have told us though” and Rodrigo agreed animatedly saying “he ruined my day”.

Rodrigo then went into the bedroom and angrily said to Noirin “one of the most important and famous singers, who everyone loved, has died”, “I am upset, now we will just think about this”. As Rodrigo and Noirin sat and chatted about what they could do to commemorate him Rodrigo said “you can’t even believe it, it is like it is not true”. Noirin replied “Do you think I beat Federico?”.

Housemates are still talking about Michael Jackson, Siavash in particular saying her really cannot believe it.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!