Jade Goody’s tragic life will be portrayed in an opera!

Jade Goody

Jade Goody is to be immortalised in an opera, it has been revealed today.

The late Big Brother star will be the main character in a brand new production that is set to be staged in London this summer and writer Afsaneh Gray has revealed that the show will follow Jade’s life since she shot to fame on the reality TV show, until her untimely death in 2009.

Jade came into the public spotlight while appearing on the third series of the then Channel 4 programme Big Brother in 2002, an appearance which led to her own TV programmes and the launch of her own products after her eviction from the show. She passed away in 2009 after being diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer.

Gray was inspired by the mum of two’s life when she worked as a medical secretary and she paid close attention to the star ever since she was diagnosed with the awful disease.

Daily Mail's image of Jade and Jack

Afsaneh told The Daily Star: “Everyone has an opinion about her. The two women I was working with were coming in every day with OK! magazine and they really took opposing ideas of her.

“One was like: ‘Poor Jade. She’s a mother of two and she’s dying of cancer.’

“The other was like: ‘She’s a racist, she deserves everything she gets.’”

The playwright has confirmed that three different singers will play Jade at different points of her life and revealed that the production will be called Jade in the opera And The Crowd (Wept).

The story will have two commentators, one critical and one sympathetic, and a narrator who takes the audience through Goody’s seven years in the public eye and then her tragic end.

Gray is hoping that Jade’s mother and family will come to watch the show and she hopes they’ll appreciate how she’s treated the subject.


She added: “The fairytale narrative is that there’s this girl who always looks up to the heavens and dreams of being a star.

“The final conceit is she becomes a star, but it’s not what she wanted. I think it’s moving.”

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