JJ and John James leave the Big Brother house!

For this week’s shopping task, Housemates have been paired up as they become pantomime horses. “Horsemates” have been put to the test throughout three rounds to find the ultimate Pantomime Horse of the Year.

Dave and Steve took on the roles of trainers. The rest of the Housemates became pantomime horses.

Pantomime Horse of the Year – Day Two

Yesterday, JJ Lightning proved to be Big Brother’s Pantomime Horse of the Year. For the final part of the shopping task, JJ and John James left the Big Brother House in order to compete in the annual Pantomime Horse Race at Sandown Park Race Course.

Their performance in the race determined how much money Housemates would win towards this week’s shopping budget. They were told if they came first they would win £500, second £400, third £300, fourth £200 and fifth £100. If they came lower than fifth, or were disqualified from the race, they would win nothing.

Taking on other pantomime horses in this special event JJ Lightning came THIRD. Housemates therefore won £300 for this week’s shopping task.

Back at the house, Big Brother decided to treat the Horsemates to a congratulations or commiserations party depending on JJ Lighting’s performance. However, the party had no booze, food or music. In order to win goodies for the party the Jockeys had to take part in a task.

Andrew, Corin, Jo, Josie, Mario, and Sam were the six Jockeys taking part.

Hanging in the garden from a washing line were numerous tokens for elements of the party – representing songs, booze, and food. Jockeys had to take part in a relay race using their whips to get the tokens. All the tokens Jockeys successfully collected could then be cashed in for corresponding treats for the party.

The Jockey’s won the following items:

Sam – sweets & music
Mario – rose wine, music & lager
Andrew – lager
Josie – white wine & lager
Jo – lager & music
Corin – decorations, lager, chips & dips

JJ and John James later returned to the House to enjoy the congratulatory party.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!