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Big Brother celebrates its tenth anniversary on the 18th July, so this week becomes a commemoration of some of the best tasks and moments of the show over the last ten years.

This week’s Task runs across four days, with Housemates playing to win a luxury food budget for the next week. Housemates must succeed in seven of the nine challenges in order to successfully pass the shopping task and receive a luxury budget of £5 per head per day for the next week.

BB5 – PIE JESU with Michelle

For her part of the task, Dogface will compete against BB5 housemate Michelle Bass in an unaccompanied sing-off of Pie Jesu – in a task that the public decide who wins. As part of the wedding Task in the 2004 series, Michelle sung a unique rendition of the hymn which she said she’d ‘put a bit of a Beyonce spin’ on.
Dogface was called into the Dairy Room to be told of her task. Hearing what she would be doing Dogface exclaimed “F**king hell! With my singing!” Halfwit reassured her that it was about performance not ability adding “just love it and people will love you”.

Michelle returned to the House this afternoon to sing Pie Jesu again. She said to Dogface before starting her version ‘I failed the task last time so I’m singing it properly this time, babe’. Dogface produced a nervous performance but Michelle said encouragingly ‘I think you’ve done alright’.

Viewers will decide whether Dogface passes or fails her part of this week’s shopping task. To win the challenge, Dogface’s performance must be deemed to be better than Michelle’s.

After watching both videos on www.channel4.com/bigbrother, Big Brother fans can use the ‘woo’ and ‘boo’ buttons underneath each video to cast their vote. The video with the highest ‘woo’ rating will be declared the winner. The voting ends at 9am on Thursday 16th July.

Yesterday BB1 winner Craig Phillips took on Halfwit in the assault course. BB2’s Dean took on Lisa in an attempt build the highest tower made of sugar cubes. Rodrigo then had to bet which of the BB3 Housemates (Sophie Pritchard, Lee Davey and Alex Sibley) would win in an egg and spoon race. To see how they got on tune into tonight’s Big Brother, 9pm, Channel 4

Earlier today Noirin took on BB4’s Federico in a gymkhana competition. Federico also let slip to Noirin that Michael Jackson had passed away. On finding out the news the rest of the Housemates were shocked and reacted in disbelief. As the news sank in Housemates described Michael Jackson as a “great artist” and “brilliant dancer”. Noirin added “He was an icon of my time”. Siavash said it just “makes you realise all the things that are happening outside”. As Rodrigo and Noirin sat and chatted about what they could do to commemorate Michael Jackson Rodrigo said “you can’t even believe it, it is like it is not true”.

The BB6 Birthday Task will start shortly.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!