Sophia Brown & Freddie George-Fisher Up For Eviction


Halfwit and Sophie received six nominations each and therefore face the first Big Brother eviction via the public vote on Friday 20 June.

Angel is the first up to give Big Brother her two nominations. First she nominates Dogface (Sophie), stating “She’s not so much entertaining – she’s quiet. I like her very much but because she’s young, and maybe it’s hard, she doesn’t have so much to say“. She then goes on to nominate Sophia saying “She’s very good – she can talk….but on a level of entertainment…she’s about one or two’.

Cairon then nominated Sree, saying “The reason why is he’s pushing me to the brink. He’s getting on my nerves too much, man. Man keep’s on chatting stuff, telling me to shut my mouth, disrespecting me – you know what I’m saying? I don’t care who he is…you don’t tell nobody to shut their mouth” and Charlie giving the following reason. “Not as much as Sree is doing it but he is getting on my nerves. The dude ain’t feeling me, I ain’t feeling him….we ain’t connecting. I doubt we’re ever gonna connect. The sight of the dude’s face kind of gets me pissed off. I feel like the dude is chatting behind my back and I don’t get hunches – I’m 80% sure he has chatted shit behind my back…so I feel uncomfortable when I’m around him ”.

Next up is Charlie who nominates Sophia. He says “She was a bit argumentative the other day and there was a horrible atmosphere in the house and I didn’t like that at all. It was a bit, like, childish I thought”. His second nomination is for Halfwit.

Dogface (Sophie) nominates Charlie first ”because I just find him really really false and really hard to talk to” and then Sree as “The things he says to you sometimes…you find it quite rude. “

Halfwit (Freddie) nominated Sree and Lisa. Of Sree, he says “He’s basically a domineering character. He wants to be the boss and wants to get ahead of people in a competitive way but he’s so bad at doing it’s sort of painful to watch. It’s so transparent currying for favour with me and then blatantly slagging me off behind my back and also basically to my face but not in a constructive way. …Sree is a fool. I don’t think him a very pleasant person to be around and I think that’s probably true of a lot of other people in the house”. Talking about Lisa, he says “she’s also something of a domineering personality…she is entitled to her opinions but the way she resolves disputes I feel probably just adds fuel to the fire. I think that’s only going to get worse as time goes on.”

Karly nominated Halfwit (Freddie) and Marcus. She nominated Halfwit because “I find him overbearing – he makes me cringe. He’s really dramatic….A lot of people don’t understand him…and I feel like he’s in his own wee world”. She nominates Marcus as “I haven’t really connected with him. There’s been two things that came up and we’ve clashed because we’re both outspoken and we both like to get our point across and we both have strong views on things….if I was to stay in the house with him through time me and him might have a few arguments”

Kris nominated Halfwit (Freddie) because “when he cooked food he didn’t consult anyone before bundling everything in….I thought he was a bit inconsiderate and maybe didn’t think. His intentions were probably good but he still should use his noodle”. He then nominates Sophia as “there was a little bit of a kick-off in the week when she had a go at Saff about putting herself forward for doing a task to make it into the normal house and I just thought it was absolute rubbish that she said she wouldn’t have put herself forward to do it. I think that’s rubbish. I think she was lying when she said that.”

Lisa nominated Halfwit (Freddie), saying “he just aggravates me a bit sometimes. I just feel like I haven’t got the patience for him yet” and Karly because “I’m just fed up of seeing tit and arse…she’s beginning to love herself more and I don’t think it’s about Big Brother and the housemates anymore”

Marcus nominated Lisa as “she’s going to be the first one to properly go off. She says too many times it’s dog-eat-dog, it’s bollocks to everyone else…I don’t really trust her words“ and Sree as “it kind of seems to me that he hasn’t been in an environment where there lots of beautiful women all around him all the time getting ready…he’s sort of got me as a bit of competition for the girls when I’ve said to everyone that the last thing I want in here is a relationship”

Noirin nominated Halfwit (Freddie), saying “I can’t stand the way he talks. It really irritates me and it kind of creeps me out” and Sophia as “she’s slagging people and being non pro-active with things in the house….I just think sometimes she can be very stubborn….and she kind of be really aggressive as well.”

Rodrigo nominated Cairon. He then nominates Siavash talking about how often he swears and saying it’s “disrespectful to people who are watching”

Saffia nominated Sophia because “We just not spoken at all. She dislikes me, I made an effort and we could have tried to resolve this and I felt no effort was made by her” and Marcus as “he’s quite aggressive in his nature…and can be quite arrogant at times”

Siavash nominated Charlie, saying “he went into my suitcase and took whatever he wanted and threw them on the floor” and Halfwit (Freddie) as “even though I’ve spent a lot of time with him we have not become that close”

Sophia nominated Saffia, saying “we clash a little bit. She is the major leader of their pack…well, she tried to be” and then Noirin.

Finally, Sree nominated Sophia as “I see the environment in the house and she’s very argumentative” and Marcus because “he doesn’t have a lot of respect for women personally…Marcus is eager to break the rules. “

Angel, Kris and Rodrigo received no nominations from their fellow housemates but it was clearly an emotional experience as Angel was crying in the bathroom once nominations ended.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!