Ultimate Big Brother: Day 2 highlights – Preston and Chantelle Houghton celebrate wedding anniversary

Highlights from tonight’s Channel 4 show

10.05 am

In the bedroom Coolio tells Makosi that he had a dream about having loads of women in his house. Coolio then starts touching Makosi’s thigh and tells her ‘there’s no cameras in the toilet…..only microphones’.

At the carousel, Brian and Nadia ask Josie about John James’ kissing ability. Josie says he’s “the best kisser in the world.”

In the Diary Room Nick talks with Big Brother about his time in the house so far, saying the people in the house are ‘a nice bunch of people’. He also reminds Big Brother that the day of the flood was the tenth anniversary of his removal from the house.

Some housemates are in the kitchen. Today would have been Chantelle and Preston’s 4th wedding anniversary

Preston and Chantelle talk about who used to do the cooking when they were married and how Chantelle is worried about putting on weight in the house. “I don’t want to have lost a stone and put it all on before I get out.”

Preston says: “Could you not have a breast reduction and lose a stone?”

10.50 am

In the bedroom, Ulrika and Josie are talking about careers outside of the house. Josie admits that she doesn’t have any talents; Ulrika says not many people do.

Makosi says that she likes Coolio and his song Gangsters’ Paradise and that he is in fact bald. Nikki asks Makosi if, when she was in Big Brother originally, she and Anthony actually had sex in the Jacuzzi. She doesn’t answer.

12.09 pm

Ulrika, Preston and Brian are in the kitchen and Brian is asking Preston about his marriage to Chantelle.

Brian asks Preston if his new girlfriend is ok with him being in the house again. He says she doesn’t live in the UK so she won’t see it.

Preston says: “I just felt I’d colossally f****d up when we got divorced. You’re distraught about it even if it’s private let alone public.”

Ulrika says: “The end of any marriage is very sad.”

Preston adds: “I was really in love with her. It’s a bit of a sad day.”

1.58 pm

Most of the housemates are in the living room talking about religion.

Makosi comments that she thinks Paul Mckenna is the Second Coming like Jesus. Nadia tells her that those are strong words and could be offensive. John tells Makosi not to be ridiculous.

John: “I’m sorry, but with 7 million people on earth you think he’s spoken to Paul McKenna?! There’s no one up there, there’s no one listening to you….you’re an intelligent person! It’s a fairytale!… Only boring people go to heaven.”

3.19 pm

Nadia and Makosi are in the bedroom. Makosi stands at the bottom of Nadia’s bed and says “I’m so bored!” before beginning to cry.

She says her talk with John about God has made her “question who I am”. She is also upset about her VT when she entered the house because she seems to be only remembered for the time she spent in the Jacuzzi with Anthony.

3.42 pm

For this weeks’ shopping task Nikki is presented with a selection of female ex big brother housemates. She must wear a blindfold and through touch alone must work out who each housemate is.

Big brother will give 3 multiple choice options for each ex housemate

Nikki correctly chooses Caroline, then Katraya as the first 2 housemates.

Is housemate number 3 Amma from Big Brother 2 but she Nikki incorrectly believes it was Kinga.

Nikki correctly chooses Grace as the forth housemate.

Is housemate number 5 Helen from Big Brother 2, Anna from Big Brother 1 or Kate from Big Brother 3. Nikki incorrectly chooses Kate when it was Anna.

Nikki has a further chance to win £500 with a ‘who is she’ bonus task. Before her is a line up numbered 1 to 5 One of these is a genuine ex housemate and the others are imposters.

Nikki correctly chooses number one as Lisa Jeynes from Big Brother 4 and Big Brother reveals that the housemates have won £650 for their shopping budget.

5.23 pm

Brian comes to the diary room and talks about his time in the house so far and his fellow housemates. He says that everyone is currently getting on but can see where there may be tension later, and he says it could mostly be around Coolio. He says that Nick is very quiet and also says ‘Nasty Nick is nice-ish, shock’.

Talking about Preston and Chantelle, Brian says “if my ex-boyfriend had walked in I would have thrown something at him. Probably a champagne bottle, or a table, or Nadia. Which ever made the most impact. … Their two beds are right next to each other…. Those two beds could move closer.”

6.02 pm

In the living room Chantelle reveals to the housemates that every boyfriend she has ever had has cheated on her. Makosi tells her that if a man really loves you they would not cheat. John responds by saying ‘there’s cheating and there’s cheating’ and tells the housemates the difference between an affair and a quick fling.

“If you’re having a quick screw once or twice what does it matter? It matters if you’re having a relationship (with someone else).”

6.26 pm

Josie and John are talking about John James. Josie asks him if he would come to her wedding with John James and he says no, they would object. Coolio says ‘remember don’t like the person you like, like the person that likes you’. John then says that John James was a scumbag, he was always crying in the diary room, he was lukewarm towards Josie for weeks and is a ‘total utter scumbag’. He then tells Josie that he’s not a nice guy, and she only likes him so much because he’s the first man to love her and that she has no self confidence.

John: “She’ll soon find out that there are many men.”

Makosi says to Josie “Do you really think you’re not attractive?”

Coolio adds: “You met him on a TV show! You don’t know him!”

6.34 pm

John then starts to talk about it being the 4th anniversary of Preston and Chantelle’s wedding night. He wants to reunite them, but Preston says “a nice elegant divorcee friendship would be best thing.” Chantelle then leaves the living room and enters the bathroom and starts talking to Josie and crying.

In the living room, Preston realises Chantelle is crying and goes to see if she is ok, whilst John says ‘I’ll apologise if I have to’.

Preston enters the bathroom and him and Chantelle hug.

“I just got really upset then and I don’t know why…no one has upset me. It’s just sad to think about it and what this day was 4 years ago.”

John enters and apologises for making Chantelle cry and it was only a joke. When John leaves, Preston and Chantelle talk about their relationship and how to the outside world it is a just a joke, and says ‘they didn’t live it’.

Preston: “To a lot of people it’s a story they read about…they all think it’s some joke.”

6.47 pm

John is in the bathroom. The Tree of Temptation says to John ‘womble, how you finding being nice?’. The tree then tells John that he has to up his game and go ‘compli-mental’. John responds by telling the tree that he has fulfilled his side of the deal and leaves. The tree tells John he will now incur the wrath of the tree.

8.33 pm

In the living room, Josie and Ulrika are talking about John James. Josie says that she considers herself to be a strong person. Ulrika tells her that her relationship with John James will keep her going in the house and Nick tells her that ‘he adores you’. Ulrika tells Josie that celebrities can’t have relationships without scrutiny. Josie responds by saying ‘I’m normal’ and Ulrika says ‘you’re not now’.

9.32 pm

Josie is in the living room. Most of the other housemates are in the kitchen talking about her.

Preston says “She’s missing all the other people she was in here with. It must just feel like we’ve come in and kicked out all her friends.”

Chantelle adds: “I think we should all stop talking about John James.”

10.21 pm

Chantelle has come to the diary room.

“It’s been a weird day really. It would have been our forth anniversary today and it’s weird being back in here with Preston and knowing what today was 4 years ago. And the thing is it wasn’t as if it was something terrible that broke us up…

“I’ve spotted today a tattoo on Preston’s ankle that is his new girlfriends name and it’s really upset me. Being here, it brings back loads of memories for me.” Chantelle begins to cry and choke back tears.

“It’s just a real shame. I’m still totally fond of him, I do still love him and I always will I think.

“But he doesn’t love me any more. He’s moved on a long time ago…I feel really sad about the past.”

2.56 am

Josie is in the diary room talking about being the house now. She is tearful and says she can’t ‘handle it in here’ anymore to Big Brother.

“I can’t handle it hear anymore. I went out (the house) seen all my family and John and I just had to come straight back in.

“I miss my friends and I miss my family. Their celebrities and I’m not a celebrity I’m just normal,” says Josie as she cries.

“They all know more about my relationship with John than I do and I feel trapped in here. I don’t wanna walk as I don’t wanna let everyone down but I just feel trapped in here…”

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