Ultimate Big Brother: Chantelle worries that she’ll fall for Preston again!

Ultimate Big Brother housemate Chantelle Houghton has admitted that she is worried about falling for her ex-husband Samuel Preston all over again.

The divorced pair entered the Big Brother house on Tuesday and spent what would have been their fourth wedding anniversary together on Wednesday.

The glamour model chatted with former BB winner Brian Dowling last night and admitted that she still has feelings for her ex.

Brian asked if she was worried that she might fall for him again, whilst living in the house. Chantelle admitted:

“Yeah, a little bit. It does, yeah.”

“I was really upset yesterday… but today I’m okay.

“I haven’t spent more than five hours in Preston’s company in three years, since 2007, and I probably saw him twice for probably half an hour to sort documents out. Then I saw him last August for about five hours for an afternoon.”

She went on to admit that she thinks “we would have lasted a lot longer as a couple if we hadn’t got married”.

And when Brian asked if she ever looks at the singer and wonders “what if?” Chan said:

“Oh totally. I do look at him and think… it’s almost like my heart aches for him. It’s weird. But I know that he’s avoiding me a bit. Not on purpose. I said to him earlier that he hadn’t really spoke to me a lot. But the thing is, it’s different. Preston has a girlfriend.”

We still aren’t sure if this whole thing is for real, or if Chantelle and Preston are playing to the cameras. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Leave your comments below.

Lisa McGarry

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