Ultimate Big Brother: Day 1 highlights – Preston and Chantelle reunited

Highlight’s from tonight’s Big Brother show – 25th August, 10pm, Channel 4

Day 1


As the winner of Big Brother 11, Josie returns to the House as the first Ultimate Big Brother housemate.

The second Housemate to enter the house is Chantelle, winner of Celebrity Big Brother 4, 2006.

The next housemate to enter is Chantelle’s ex-husband Preston, who came 4th in Celebrity Big Brother 4.

Preston enters the house and after congratulating Josie on her win, hugs Chantelle. He asks her is she feels ok. “Not really I am a bag of nerves!”

“Seriously O.M.G” says Preston. “we’ve done it once we can do it again.” Josie asks them both “you might rekindle your love in here” Chantelle responds by saying Preston has a girlfriend.

The fourth person to enter the Big brother house is Nadia. Nadia was crowned the winner of Big Brother 5 back in 2004. Winner of Big Brother 2, 2001 – Brian is next to enter the house.

Ulrika, who won Celebrity Big Brother 6 in 2009, is the sixth person to enter the house.

When Ulrika enters, she tells Josie that her children would love them to become best friends. Achieving third place in Big Brother 6, 2005, Makosi is the 7th person to enter the house.

As Makosi enters, Nadia says ‘what the f*** is she wearing?’.

The next housemate to enter is John McCririck. From Celebrity Big Brother 3, 2005, John was the second person to be evicted.

When congratulating Josie, John tells her that him and his wife call her ‘Bristols’.

The ninth person to enter is Coolio who came 3rd in Celebrity Big Brother 6, 2009.
Big Brother 7’s Nikki is the next person to enter the house. She came 5th in the 2006 series

The last housemate to enter is Nick who became known as “Nasty Nick” in first ever series of Big Brother back in 2000. He says to everyone “I think this is going to be really good fun.”

Once all the housemates have entered, Chantelle asks Preston ‘will you look after me?’

9.53 pm

In the living room, Chantelle and Nikki agree to call a truce after falling out outside of the house.

Nikki: “Chantelle can I just say can we forget everything?…I’m looking at this as a holiday and want to forget all the crap that goes on outside.”

Nadia and Josie are talking about John James. Nadia tells Josie that he doesn’t seem like he’s ready for a relationship and that they weren’t real kisses between them.

Nadia: “You’re an amazing person just remember that…the nicest guy is not necessarily good for you…I don’t think I’ll be the first or last person you hear this from.”

Josie says “he will always be my friend.”


Big Brother informs the housemates that the kitchen is now open. In the kitchen, Coolio announces ‘I’m the best cook in here for sure’.

Ulrika and Josie are in the living room. Talking about Coolio.

Josie, talking about Coolio, says ‘he’s a proper w****r…..head up his arse’. Ulrika says that he may suffer from short man syndrome and that everyone in the country knows who Josie is. Josie then tells Ulrika that she has grown up watching her and Davina on television.


At the carousel some of the housemates are discussing with Nick his time in the house. John tells Josie that it was good to see a girl lusting after a ‘fella’ and says “You’re like the Booby…you would do anything for John James. You’re the Booby mark two.”

In the kitchen Nikki and Chantelle are talking about Preston and relationships. Chantelle reveals that she hasn’t had a real relationship with anyone since except with Jermaine Defeo since she divorced Preston. Nikki asks Makosi if she has a boyfriend and she responds by saying there is someone. Nikki says “I like being single…..boyfriends are only good in winter.”


Big Brother tells the housemates that the bedroom is now open and most of them scramble in there to claim a bed. Chantelle tells Preston ‘come next to me ‘cos you don’t snore’. The pair claim single beds next to each other, whilst Josie shares with Ulrika and Brian and Nikki take Josie and John James old bed.

Brian and Nikki re-enact John James’ and Josie’s actions under the covers during Big Brother 11. John tells Chantelle and Preston that he thinks there is still love between them. “Look at the love birds brought back together! The fire still burns!”


In the Diary Room Josie talks about Nadia talking about John James earlier, how weird it is to be in the house with the new housemates, and how John needs to stop talking about Booby in the way he does.

“Nadia had a few words to say but I’m going to not pay attention to that. This may surprise some people but I love John. I don’t like how he chats about his Booby though…we’re going to change that.”

Nikki tells John that she doesn’t like greyhound racing and that she thinks it is cruel. John tells her there is nothing cruel about and that the dogs love chasing. Nikki then reveals she hates foxhunting.


John is sat in the diary room, holding a piece of paper that says ‘Evict me please’, and tells Big Brother that he already has one vote from Nikki and that he is not going to pretend to be something that he is not.

“I’m determined to get out of here. Everything that’s wrong with womanhood is that Nikki Graeme. These people I’ve nothing in common with them…I don’t wanna go around being nice to these people, why should I?”


John enters the bathroom and the Tree Of Temptation calls out to him ‘oi mutton chops’.

The Tree says he remembers him and calls John a “horrid vile creature” The tree offers John a secret task in which he has to be nice to his fellow housemates. In return, he will receive a newspaper every day that he is the house. John responds by saying, “what is the point I will be leaving on Friday”. The tree tells John that if he doesn’t participate he will ‘get my mate Big Brother to make you immune from the eviction’. John agrees to the task and as he leaves says to The Tree “I love you really, you’re great fun.”


Chantelle and Coolio are talking about cheating partners and relationships. Chantelle says “I will never, ever, ever date another footballer because they all cheat on you.” Coolio says Women cheat too. A woman will cheat on you and you’ll never know. Men always get caught.”

Nick, John and Preston are at the carousel. It’s been 19 minutes since the Tree of Temptation set John the task to be nice to his fellow housemates.

John is telling Nick what a nice guy he is, ‘really nice, really pleasant’.

In the nest, Chantelle and Coolio are talking about the nest. Preston enters and sits down saying it feels like an owls’ house. Coolio then leaves and Preston and Chantelle stay and talk about being in the house and how Preston did not want to leave Chantelle alone with Coolio.

Preston says: “We’re the little kids. They’ve done it again there’s just grown ups and us!”

12.15 am

Preston tells Big Brother that it’s brilliant to be in the house and, talking about his relationship with Chantelle, ‘really great to be able to be friends’. He also tells Big Brother that he thinks John is a pleasant guy.

At the carousel Chantelle talks about being in the house with Preston and how it is amicable. John says that the housemates should try and get them back together for a second wedding; “cupid could come again into the house!” Chantelle repeats that Preston has a girlfriend now and again says tomorrow would have been their fourth anniversary.

Josie says “you can tell you still think a lot of each other.”


Coolio, Nadia and John are at the carousel. John has been nice to his housemates for 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Coolio and John are talking about growing up. Coolio reveals that he carried a gun for twenty years. John asks if he was a blood and tells Coolio that he thinks he is a ‘softie’ underneath his exterior.

Coolio says “I’m not nearly as gangsta as I was. I carried a gun everyday for 20 years of my life. If I forgot my gun I’d go back and get it.”


Most of the housemates are in the bedroom. Nikki says that she thinks the bedroom is really cosy. Brian reveals that Nikki is already playing ‘footsie’ with him.

“Nikki is playing footsie with me already. Keep those legs together and away from me or I’ll put you in Johns bed!”

In the bathroom, Chantelle and Josie are talking about being in the house. Josie reveals that it feels weird to go out and then come back into the house. She also tells Chantelle that it is nice to see that her and Preston still love each other.


All of the housemates are in bed. Ulrika and Josie are talking. John gets up, in his pants, and leaves the bedroom. Josie says to Ulrika that it looked like John was wearing a nappy. When John returns, Josie tells Ulrika that John said she could be ‘Boobie number two’. Ulrika responds by saying ‘I’m jealous’.

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