Ultimate Big Brother: Day 10 highlights – Nadia and Ulrika Argue

by Lisa McGarry


Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom discussing Nikki’s behaviour when she woke everyone because she couldn’t sleep last night. Makosi tells Michelle that she saw her sleep walking. Michelle tells Makosi that she wasn’t sleeping walking she was stomping around in a huff.

Nikki and Brian are in the Kitchen. She tells him that she thinks she is making herself unpopular moaning about the snoring. Brian and Victor tell her that what she is doing is worse than the snorers because she is waking everyone up on three or four occasions during the night by stomping around and banging doors. “I’m a light sleeper”, says Nikki adding that she can’t get back to sleep when she wakes up.

In the Bedroom Ulrika tells Michelle and Nadia that Nikki acts childish when she stomps around when she can’t sleep but if she mucks around with Brian it is fine. “It’s one rule for her and people always make allowances”, says Ulrika. “If anyone else acted like that people wouldn’t put up with it”, she adds. Michelle tells Ulrika she is guilty of doing that. Ulrika tells them she can’t accommodate to her children because then they would all take advantage.


Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Makosi asks Michelle and Nadia if they are ready for breakfast. Nadia says no saying that she looks horrible. Michelle tells Nadia that she feels the same and to just deal with it. Makosi tells the girls that she looks fabulous and feels fabulous.

Brian, Victor, and Preston are in the Bathroom singing Flying Without Wings by Westlife. Brian is in the shower pretending to fly. Preston and Victor laugh at him.

Nikki and Ulrika are in the Garden. Nikki apologise for her behaviour saying she knows she has been getting under her skin with her behaviour especially over the majorette task. Nikki adds that she looked to Ulrika as one of her friends. Ulrika says that if she is cross or upset it brings her down and asks Nikki if she gets annoyed with her again can she have a quiet word with her about it. “I’d much prefer that”, says Nikki adding that Brian explained the snoring situation to her and now she sees she was being unfair to the housemates. Ulrika tells Nikki that she thinks it is easier for Brian because they are so close. Nikki tells Ulrika that she would listen to her advice and she did value her friendship. Ulrika tells Nikki that even if they had a big blow out she would still be there for her if she was ever upset because she is a mother and likes to look after people.


Big Brother has called Nadia, Victor and Chantelle to the Diary Room. Big Brother tells them that for this week’s task they will become the group Kandy Floss. To pass the task they have to sing the lyrics correctly to I Want It All. “Humiliated with an H”, says Victor.


Big Brother has called Makosi to the Diary Room. Big Brother informs her that for the next part of her task she must wear a green suit for the rest of the day which will be used to digitally delete her from the show.

Makosi leaves the Diary Room and goes to the Bedroom. “I look horrible”, she tells Chantelle. Chantelle tells Makosi to come out and promises to be honest with her. “You look wicked”, she says. Michelle walks in to the bedroom joking that she can’t see Makosi because she is in her “invisible suit”. Makosi tells Michelle that green does not show up on TV. Michelle tells Makosi that she thinks it will and Big Brother is playing a trick on her. “What has my life come to?” asks Makosi as she walks into the Garden.


Victor and Nick are in the Kitchen. Victor tells Nick that he had a big reputation and he is very disappointed after meeting him and finding out he is just a “normal man”. Nick responds saying he thought Victor was a “thug” and is disappointed he is just a “normal man”

As part of Makosi’s unlucky Housemate task, Big Brother has arranged a surprise lunch for her in the Garden with fellow Big Brother six housemate, Anthony Hutton.

Makosi is in the Garden when Anthony appears from the Nest. “You were dreading this”, he tells her. The housemates watch the reunion from inside. “They could have had a baby”, says Ulrika.

Back in the Garden, Anthony asks Makosi if they should get in the pool. Makosi tells Anthony that she would if she had her bikini. “You didn’t have your bikini last time”, jokes Anthony. He adds that it is good to come back and they discuss the Jacuzzi incident. Anthony tells Makosi they never had sex and he used his two fingers holding them up to her. Makosi replies after not having sex for seven weeks she thought it was more than his fingers.

All the housemates are sitting at the sofa Chantelle asks what happened in the Jacuzzi. Michelle tells her that Makosi says they had sex and Anthony says that they didn’t.


Nick is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about the upcoming eviction. He says he thinks Nadia, Nikki and Chantelle will be safe.

Most of the housemates are in the Garden. As part of this week’s shopping task, Brian is recreating his moment in Series 2 when he had to dance with his fellow Housemate, Bubble.

The music sounds and the first housemate to enter is Marco. The pair dance to waltzing music. “This aint the show I have been requesting”, says Victor. Sam and Amanda are the next housemates to dance with Brian and they dance to Barbie Girl together. The last housemate that Brian dances with is Glyn. They dance to Crazy by Gnarls Barkly. Nikki is so happy to see Glyn that she cries. Glyn hugs Nikki after the song. Glyn tells Nikki not to get down and enjoy the experience.


All of the Housemates are in the Kitchen. Makosi thanks Preston for dinner who tells her it was Ulrika who cooked it. Makosi thanks Ulrika and Ulrika tells her she is welcome. Makosi starts ranting about people not knowing how to take compliments and saying they are rude. Chantelle laughs and asks Makosi if she is on a secret task. Makosi replies saying it is not a joke. “It’s hard to take you seriously when you are in a green suit”, says Ulrika. Chantelle tells Makosi that people are not being rude just humble. Victor tells Preston and Ulrika to just say you’re welcome because of the tension. Chantelle tells Makosi that it she doesn’t think Preston and Ulrika were rude.

Nadia walks over to the cooker and asks who has left a broken plate by the cooker. Ulrika tells Nadia that she left it there because she was busy cooking and it was burning hot and she will move it after. Nadia replies saying there is only so much she can take.

Ulrika and Brian are in the Bedroom. “Nobody defends me”, says Ulrika adding that she just cooked for everyone. Ulrika starts to cry. Brian tells Ulrika not to get upset over a cracked plate. Ulrika tells Brian she is upset that no one defended her and Nadia has the power to take control of everyone and she finds that “f****** disgusting”.

Nadia walks in the Bedroom and asks Ulrika if she is alright. Ulrika tells Nadia that she upset her and she hadn’t moved the plate because it was “burning hot”. Nadia starts shouting at Ulrika telling her that she should have used a dust pan and brush because it was unhygienic to leave it there near the food. Ulrika tells Nadia that there was no food around it.

Nadia is still arguing with Ulrika telling her that the plate was still hot when she moved it but she used a tissue and the plate did get into some of her food. “You’re a better woman than me”, says Ulrika. Nadia tells Ulrika that it is not about being a better woman and tells Ulrika that she is being too sensitive crying about it.

Nadia tells Ulrika that she should just admit that she has done something wrong and leave it at that. Ulrika tells her that she has not made a mistake. Nadia tells her that the conversation that they are having is “pointless” and she is “infuriated” with it walking out of the Bedroom. Ulrika starts to cry and Brian tells her not to get upset.


Nikki is in the bath. She asks Brian if Ulrika is ok. Brian tells Nikki that Nadia was being obnoxious towards her, and says it was only a plate. “Maybe Nadia is on her period”, says Nikki. Brian looks at Nikki and says “unlikely”.

Brian goes back to the Bedroom hugs Ulrika and asks her not to get upset. Victor walks in and asks Ulrika if she is alright. When he sees that Ulrika is crying he walks back out of the Bedroom.

In the Living Room Michelle asks Nadia how she is feeling. “I am feeling like a complete, utter, lunatic”, says Nadia she adds that she is ridiculous and she is being made to feel like a monster. She tells Michelle that she is not enjoying herself. Michelle tells Nadia that she isn’t enjoying herself either right now. Nadia tells Makosi and Michelle that she detests what she is becoming and detesting how badly people in the house want the title of Ultimate Big Brother. She tells them that she thinks the house is full of hypocrisy and she doesn’t care about winning.

Makosi tells Nadia that if someone upsets someone they should be able to talk to them about it. Nadia tells Makosi that when you do that people play the “victim”. Makosi tells Nadia not to let the incident ruin her experience in the house. Nadia tells Makosi that she hates herself and the house is making her crazy. Nadia runs off to the toilet. Makosi and Michelle follow her. Nadia tells Makosi that she is fine she is just tired. She tells them that she can be hardcore and straight talking.


For this week’s Back In Time shopping task, Nadia and Victor must join vocal forces with Chantelle to put on a special performance of Kandy Floss’, “I Want It All.”

Kandy Floss are back stage having a “Madonna esque” pray before their performance. The go on stage a perform the song to cheers from the other housemates.

Lisa McGarry

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