Ultimate Big Brother: Day 11 highlights – Nadia, Makosi leave & Vanessa Feltz enters

by Lisa McGarry

Big Brother highlight’s from tonight’s show.


All of the Housemates are in the Bedroom. In Big Brother 7 Nikki became Big Brother’s PA. As part of this week’s retrospective shopping task, Big Brother has put a PA’s workstation in the Living Room for Nikki to write her weekly column

The housemates hear Nikki’s PA buzzer in the Bedroom, Nikki runs out moaning that she thought the task was over.

Nikki tells the housemates that she is not going to sit at the desk again all day. Chantelle tells Nikki to think of the task as fun. Nikki agrees saying she has got to do her column anyway.


Nikki and Makosi are in the Bathroom. Nikki tells Makosi that she is not going to sit at the desk all day because she has too much stuff that she needs to do like pack.

Some of the housemates are in the Kitchen. “I’m starting today with a clean slate”, Ulrika tells Chantelle and Brian. Brian tells Ulrika that he thinks Nadia is good at doing that. Chantelle remarks that it isn’t a big deal as it is always easier to start a clean slate when you are not the person on the receiving end. Brian tells them that he thinks Nadia is tense about being up for eviction adding that he thinks he would be too as he has never been nominated before. Ulrika tells him that she is always up for nomination and Brian tells her that the public’s reaction can be different to the people in the house. He then jokes about winning and realising that he was “adored” and was “the nation’s sweetheart” when he won. He tells Chantelle and Ulrika that he is pretty unaffected by it and then shouts jokingly about not getting a cup of tea.


Some of the housemates are in the Kitchen. Nikki sees Nick and Victor getting ready to fry bacon. “Oh no”, she says asking him he will grill the bacon so the smells doesn’t get on her hair and clothes. Victor tells Nikki to go to a different part of the house telling Nikki he will have his breakfast the way he likes it.

Makosi and Michelle are in the closet. Michelle asks Makosi about her hair weaves saying she can’t believe a man comes all the way from Nigeria to do her hair. Makosi tells Michelle that she gets him because he is the best and there is no point in paying out loads of money for hair to turn out badly. “To think I sit their for hours putting my own extensions in”, says Michelle.

Today Nikki will be PA to Big Brother 7 winner Pete Bennett. In order to pass her part of the shopping task she must complete all the jobs Pete sets her.

Pete buzzes through to Nikki. Nikki tells Pete that she knew he was coming because she saw his name on the intercom. Pete tells her he wanted it to be a surprise. Nikki asks Pete if she can finish brushing her teeth before her first task. Pete tells her that is fine.


Nadia, Makosi and Michelle are in the Garden talking about Preston. “There’s nothing to him but I think he’s a fine boy”, says Makosi adding that she thinks he’s gorgeous.

Victor, Nick and Ulrika are in the Bathroom talking about Nadia. “It’s just a weird mix of people”, says Victor. He tells Ulrika that she is not weird. “Oh, you’ve made me feel so much better”, says Ulrika. Victor tells Ulrika she shouldn’t have even engaged in the argument with Nadia. Ulrika tells Victor that she has worked out Nadia shouts like a “banshee” to intimidate. Victor tells her that he is sure there will be a clash of the Titans between himself and Nadia at some point.


Victor Nadia and Nick are in the Kitchen. Victor tells them that Nikki is doing his head in. He adds that Nikki is not as bad as he thought she was going to be but he finds himself having to have more conversations with her like the bacon incident.

Nikki asks Preston how she clocks in for work. Preston shows her. Pete then buzzes Nikki telling her that her task is to write her newspaper column and tells her that she has five hours to do so. “Brilliant”, says Nikki. “When can I have a break?” she asks. Pete tells Nikki that she can do whatever she wants. Nikki tells Pete that he is the best boss ever.

Nikki is typing her article when Pete buzzes her to tell her that she needs to separate 400 paper clips into colour order. Nikki complains while sorting the paper clips to herself saying that she wouldn’t have minded the task yesterday when she had nothing to do, and because it is sunny today.

Pete tells Nikki that she is “flagging” and Nikki tells Pete that she is tired and needs tea. Pete tells Nikki that only happy PA’s get tea.

While Nikki is typing Pete tells Nikki that he needs 100 pencils sharpened.

In the garden Victor tells the housemates that he hopes Nikki goes tonight. “I can’t live like this anymore”, he says.


Michelle is called to the Diary Room where she is told the details of her task. She must sing Pie Jesu in front of tonight’s eviction crowd alongside a choir. She leaves the Diary Room to tell the other housemates. “I can’t believe we guessed it right”, she says.

Ulrika tells Michelle that she will sound amazing with the choir. Michelle tells Ulrika that she doesn’t sound amazing that is the problem.


Michelle goes to the Task Room and meets the gospel choir who are singing Pie Jesu with her. One of the choristers tells Michelle that they are going to make the song “funkier” and more “soulful”.

Pete buzzes Nikki telling her to come to his office immediately. “It’s so lovely to see you”, says Nikki when she sees him. Pete tells Nikki that he has a job for her; writing a letter that he dictates. “Dear Nikki”, he starts. “You had a face like a slapped arse when asked to sharpen the pencils and sort out my paper clips”. Pete continues that her column was a, “magical, moving experience”. “You hired, baby”.


Nick, Victor and Preston are in the Garden talking about Big Brother contestants. On Keeley, Victor says, “I thoughts she was tasty. Fiery”. “I can’t really deal with fiery women”, says Preston. Preston tells Victor and Nick that he fancied the first Rachel from Big Brother 11.

Brian, Ulrika and Chantelle are in the Bedroom talking about Nadia. Brian tells Ulrika and Chantelle that he is not used to the tension that is in the house. “One of us will have to say – it can’t go on”, says Chantelle. “It needs to be a man”, says Ulrika. Brian tells them that he wouldn’t be worried to stand up to Nadia because it would not be personal, but he would not like to upset her. Ulrika comments that she is one person complaining about what other people are doing and nine people are getting upset and they have to stop her doing that.


The Housemates have been gathered on the sofas. Nadia reads out a laminate about the wedding task. Victor will be the Groom, Nadia will be Bridesmaid and Michelle will be the chorister. Ulrika asks who the bride will be. Brian tells her that they don’t know. Nikki tells the housemates that she hopes she gets to come to the wedding.


Nick and Victor are at the carousel talking about tonight’s eviction. “I have a feeling it’s Makosi”, says Nick.

Nadia is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about the eviction. “I’m anxious about it”, she says. “I hope Nick goes”. She adds that she also would like Ulrika to go.


All of the housemates have been gathered at the sofas for this weeks eviction. Makosi is announced as the second person to be evicted from the house. “Didn’t see that coming”, says Victor.

For the second eviction the crowd chants get Nadia out. Nadia is then evicted. “That’s the biggest shock I’ve ever had”, says Victor. Brian comments that you think you know the public’s opinion but all the housemates have changed over the years. Victor tells them that who ever argues goes and that is why he was evicted last time.


Michelle is called to leave the house to perform Pie Jesu in front of the crowds. The rest of the housemates are instructed to line up at the door. As Michelle sings new housemate Vanessa Feltz enters the house dressed as a bride. As she gets to the bottom of the stairs Victor lifts her veil and gives her a kiss. “It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be here”, she says. Vanessa tells the housemates that she is staying. Michelle returns to the house and they all applaud her.

Victor and Vanessa have their first dance as Bride and Groom to I am Your Lady by Jennifer Rush. Nikki cries saying she is so happy Vanessa is there. Preston and Chantelle are still dancing together when they realise everyone else has stopped. “Everyone stopped ten minutes ago. Embarrassing”, jokes Brian.

Ulrika tells Vanessa that she is glad that she is no longer the oldest person in the house. Vanessa tells her that is right. Victor makes a speech about his new bride and the housemates all toast together to the bride.


Victor has come to the Diary Room to talk to Big Brother. He says that Nadia was one of the heavy weights in the house and now she is gone no ones knows what is going on. He adds that he is surprised that Nick got cheers when even he booed him while sitting next to him. Victor tells Big Brother that he is “ecstatic” about Vanessa being his bride saying it a “marriage made in heaven.”

Ulrika shows Vanessa around the Bedroom. Ulrika shows her public hairs lying around. Vanessa reacts saying “oh gosh gosh”. Brian tells Vanessa it is only for a week and she can handle it.


Nick, Nikki and Preston are at the Carousel. Preston tells Nick and Nikki that he forgets it is like a gauntlet until eviction night saying he got a good reception last time he was evicted and hopes he gets the same again. Nikki tells him he is nice to everyone so he will be fine. Preston is worried that he is too sensible but says he won’t get booed for being sensible.

Chantelle and Vanessa are in the Kitchen talking about Preston. “Are you able to not be angry?” asks Vanessa. Chantelle tells her there were never any hard feelings. “I’m concentrating on being happy right now and being around him”, she says. Chantelle tells Vanessa she didn’t realise she still had feelings for him before she came in the house. “He doesn’t love me anymore. Not like that”, she says.


Brian asks Ulrika in the bedroom if she has any problems with Vanessa . Ulrika tells Brian that she doesn’t but Vanessa has wrote “stuff” about her in the past. Brian tells Ulrika she should enjoy her time in the house now she has survived the public vote. Ulrika tells Brian that she would really like to. Chantelle tells Ulrika that she is sure she will.

Vanessa is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother. “It’s all been lovely so far”, she says. She tells Big Brother that Nikki was pleased to see her which is great but she is aware she that at any point she could embarrass her family. Vanessa talks about her gastric band and how she managed to stop eating the cake after three mouthfuls even though it was “utterly ravishing” and she wanted to eat it “face first”. Vanessa adds that she hopes she will have an enjoyable experience and that she is made of “sterner” stuff this time

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