Ultimate Big Brother: Day 14 highlights – Chantelle will miss Preston the most

by Lisa McGarry

On tonight’s Big Brother show…..


Ulrika and Preston are in the kitchen.

Ulrika asks Preston if Chantelle is alright now. Preston tells Ulrika Chantelle is fine.

In the diary room Big Brother asks Chantelle what she will most about the house. Chantelle tells BB she will miss Preston the most.

“I’ve gotten used to being around him all the time. He’s the first person see in the morning . It’s almost like I’ve dipped back into my life when I was with him. Once the time comes that I leave or he leaves I’ll dip straight back out of it again and it’s not going to be there to dip into.”

She tells BB that she will find it hard to adjust after the show but wants to enjoy herself for now and deal with it after.

Ulrika tells Preston that she thinks Chantelle is unresolved in her head about their situation. “I think it’s more the fact that once it felt so invincible and positive and now to know how it ended,” replies PrestonUlrika tells Preston that she is heartbroken for them. Preston adds “once this is over we’ll sit down and have a proper talk.” Ulrika says “post mortem” the relationship and tells Preston that she thinks Chantelle cares for him a lot. Preston replies. “As do I her.”


Some of the Housemates are in the kitchen.

Victor asks Nikki if she always puts full water bottle in the bin instead of emptying them out in the sink. Nikki tells him sometimes. Brian tells the housemates that he has never met anyone like Nikki. Vanessa replies saying she thinks that is great that Nikki is individual and not a “clone”. Nikki tells the housemate that she is unusual but not as unusual as Nick. Nick tells Nikki that she is far more unusual. Brian remarks that Nick is old and peculiar. Vanessa tells Nikki that Nick is the “living embodiment opposite of you”.

Michelle and Ulrika are in the bedroom. Yesterday Ulrika nominated Michelle.

Michelle tells Ulrika that being up for eviction it “feels like everybody hates you.” Ulrika tells her she mustn’t think like that telling her that he could have been only one person that nominated her. Michelle tells Ulrika that it had to have been more than one person. Michelle says she knows but it makes her think what she has done for people to nominate her. Ulrika tells Michelle that she is not going to pretend it doesn’t feel horrible to be up because she knows it does. Michelle tells Ulrika she is fine about being evicted it is just wondering who nominated her. She tells Ulrika that she was talking to Brian earlier and wondering if he nominated her. Ulrika tells Michelle that she shouldn’t try to work it out. But tells Michelle that she understands the not knowing makes you question everything.


Nick, Vanessa, Michelle and Nikki are in the garden. Vanessa has been questioning Nick about his school days.

Vanessa asks Nick if he was at school the same time as Prince Andrew was. Nick tells Vanessa that he was there the same time as Prince Edward and shared a house with him. He tells Vanessa that they had detectives in the house who wouldn’t talk to them and only cared about protecting Edward. Nick tells Vanessa that Edward was head of house and a nice guy that was quiet soft. Vanessa tells Nick that they know that because he was “too soft for the marines.”

The tree talks to Victor in the bathroom telling him that he has been watching him and he is very impressed.

In the living room Brian notices that Victor is talking to someone in the bathroom.

The tree tells Victor that he didn’t get one single nomination and sets Victor a task of getting the housemates to bitch about each other while recording it on a dictaphone. The tree tells him he has one hour and tells Victor to be subtle saying “Don’t let them see you are armed to harm.”.

Ulrika tells the Brian that they shouldn’t tell anyone else they have seen Victor talking to the tree.

Victor tells the housemates that he wants to play the game of what people dislike about each other. Chantelle tells Victor that she doesn’t want to play that game. Brian tells Victor there is no ne he would “be arsed to go heads to head with.” Victor tries to get other housemates to bitch about each other trying to make it obvious with the Dictaphone in his hand and a hat over it but no one takes the bait. Victor uses the upfront approach asking Nick to have a bitchy conversation and not think about why, but the housemates still don’t understand what he is trying to do.

“If someone comes up to you asking for a bitchy quote how much more obvious do you have to be than that?!

“Let me get the wrath now. Where is he? Give me some people with intelligence!”

Victor goes back to talk to the tree who tells Victor that he let him down “good and proper.” The tree tells Victor that he will face the full wrath of the tree. Victor tells the tree “I’m gonna make sure you get made into a batch of tooth picks.”

Victor goes back in the living room ranting at the housemates that they should have know and it was like “squeezing blood out of a stone.”


Nikki and Vanessa are in the Garden. Nikki is talking about her life after leaving Big Brother 7.

Nikki tells Vanessa that since BB7 people are really nice and she can’t believe it when people get excited when they see her.

Vanessa tells Nikki that looking at her now her illness and what she went through doesn’t seem real. Vanessa asks Nikki if she can pin out why her illness happened.

“I think you’re born with it to be honest. For someone to have it at the age of 8…” Nikki tells her that she was just a child on a “mission to starve herself to death.”

“If anyone tried to stop me I would fight them all the way.”

Nikki tells Vanessa that when she decided she was going to beat the illness it was the hardest thing because she had been institutionalised for most of her life coming out of hospital was really hard.

“I couldn’t socialise during lunch at college because I couldn’t eat in front of anyone else.”

Nikki tells Vanessa that coming on BB was a really positive step for her.

“anybody who’s had this illness to the extent that I have, I think it lives with you everyday of your life.” She tells Vanessa that she couldn’t fit into her jeans this morning and starts to cry. Vanessa hugs Nikki telling her they shouldn’t talk about it because she doesn’t want to upset her. Nikki tells Vanessa that she loves food and loves living and feels so lucky to still be alive. Vanessa and Nikki hug again. Vanessa tells Nikki that she is “so lovely”.


In the bedroom Vanessa and Chantelle are talking about Footballers.

Vanessa asks Chantelle “Do you think footballers have sort of like, because their opportunity to have sex with so many women is unlike anyone else. Do you think they have – it’s almost like – ridiculous to expect them to be faithful?”

Chantelle: “Yeah I think so”

Vanessa: “So when you heard about John Terry’s wife staying with him and Abby Clancy staying with Peter what’s-his-face. Do you think they’re crazy to do it?”

Chantelle: “I could never do it. Never in a million years, ‘cos I think you’ll always be ‘where is he? Is he with someone?’ and all that palaver. I don’t understand, know how they can do it. They must be just totally, completely in love with them and not feel they can be without them.”

In the Diary Room Big Brother tells Victor that he will has to wear a tree costume under further notice.

“I failed my task miserably like a pathetic buffoon but I wasn’t helped by my supporting cast! They’ve the combined intellect of a group of termites.”

Victor is in the Diary Room in his tree costume. BB tells Victor that the costume is only the beginning of the wrath he will be facing. Victor replies saying “whatever, the tree can kiss my arse.”

Victor walks into the kitchen in his tree costume. Ulrika tells him she “loving his body”. Brian tells him his hands look evil. Victor tells them that the tree is “f****** with the wrong person.”


Big Brother has gathered all the Housemates in the Living Room. Earlier today Victor failed his mission set by the Tree of Temptation. In order to redeem himself, Big Brother has provided an exotic array of world foods that Victor must sample. For this he will receive one point. If he then correctly identifies the origin of each one he will get another point.

Victor eats all the 9 foods and guess 6 of the 9 countries correctly scoring 15 points and passing the task. Among the foods are fish heads, chicken feet, and colon sausage. The housemates are told they are allowed to try the foods as well. The housemates go up to get a closer look. Brian tells them that he will try the colon sausage.


Ulrika, Nikki and Chantelle are in the Kitchen.

Chantelle ask Ulrika how her husband proposed to her. Ulrika tells them hat is was in Sweden over dinner. Ulrika asks Chantelle how Preston proposed to her.

Chantelle tells them “We were at home watching telly and talking about having children and the future and I said that when I had children I’d like to be married.” All the while not knowing that Preston had got his mother to send her engagement ring to him. She tells them that he then asked her and she said yes straight away.. Chantelle tells them that she gave the ring back to Preston because it belonged to his family.


Chantelle and Preston are in the Kitchen.

Preston asks Chantelle if she feels better today. Chantelle tells him yes and asks if he feel better. Preston tells her he feels weird about it being nearly over. Chantelle asks Preston what he is doing the weekend they get out and asks him to come and see the dogs on the Sunday. Preston tells her maybe, and says he doesn’t know what family and friends will be waiting for him when he gets out. Chantelle tells Preston that she can’t wait to see her mum because she has really missed her. Chantelle then asks Preston if he has missed her. Preston replies “yeah”.


All the housemates are in the kitchen enjoying a selection of world foods after Victor successfully completing today’s task.

Ulrika asks Nick why he lied about having a wife that died in a car crash. Nick tells the housemates that he saw the whole thing as a game show and he was in it to win it; Victor replies “here here”.

He tells the housemates that he thought it would be edited out because BB knew that he never had a wife. Nick tells the housemates it is the only part that he regrets but tells them housemate shave done a lot worse since and he never hurt or bullied anyone.


All the housemates are in the living room. Big Brother has provided housemates with a game of spin the bottle.

Ulrika and Nick are the first to kiss. Brian shouts out that Ulrika is using her tongue. Chantelle tells the housemates that she does not want to kiss anyone. Ulrika and Nick kiss again and Preston shouts out that they love each other. Preston and Michelle have to slow dance with Chantelle looking on unimpressed. Ulrika and Victor kiss for along time with Brian shouting “you can stop now” and Preston saying “someone throw cold water over them.” Preston French kisses a watch while Chantelle covers her eyes. Vanessa tells Preston that he is a good kisser. Nikki and Brian kiss even though Brian resists and Brian dry humps Vanessa.


Victor has been wearing his tree costume for nearly 7 hours. He tells the housemates he is taking his tree costume off and tells then if BB have a problem he wont get involved in any more tasks.

Victor tells Big Brother that he is not putting the costume back on saying he has done his bit with the costume and eating task. Victor tells BB that he is taking back “creative control” of his style. He goes right up to the camera telling BB “I’m not doing it!”

Lisa McGarry

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