Ultimate Big Brother: Day 15 highlights – Chantelle prepares life without Preston

by Lisa McGarry

On tonight’s Big Brother show…..


Chantelle and Vanessa are chatting and sunbathing in the garden. Vanessa says she understands why Chantelle is finding it hard in the house being away from her family. Chantelle says sometimes she feels like a baby because she needs her mother so much. In the kitchen, Brian comments how Chantelle and Vanessa could be mother and daughter, then jokes who would be the mother and who the daughter.


Victor is in the shower but there’s no hot water. He soon realises that as punishment for taking off the tree suit the Tree of Temptation had ordered him to wear. “They’re doing it on purpose”, he says.

Michelle says to Vanessa she is glad to have done Big Brother 5 as it helped her buy her first house and she had a lot of fun. Vanessa comments on how much Michelle has changed since those days. Michelle agrees and replies that despite going topless on her previous stint on Big Brother, she wouldn’t do it any more as she has grown up. She goes on to say that now she doesn’t feel the need to “get them out”.

“Now if I went topless I’d feel a bit rude!”, she says.


To the Housemates’ delight, dance act Flawless enter the house for a performance to Michael Jackson’s song, Thriller.

After they finish, Flawless give housemates the instructions for the task after the performance where it is announced they will have to come up with a dance of their own to perform for two judges.

For today’s task the Housemates transform into the dance group Flawed and create their own synchronized dance routine.

Brian screams “take your T-shirts off please!” and as Flawless leave he and Ulrika try to chase after them.


Before Housemates can start on their routine to be performed as group, Flawed, they each audition in front of the Flawless panel for 30 seconds in the hope of being made Lead Dancer of Flawed. Housemates are given shiny synthetic turquoise and white shell suits as their dance outfits.

Brian steps up for his audition, not before warning the judges that he normally “only dances when drunk, so give me some vodka”. As the music then starts he is too embarrassed to look at them he turns and faces the wall for his dance.

Nick compares himself to a giraffe when he breaks out into a routine but after he leaves, the Flawless judges admit they were pleasantly surprised as they “thought he’d be cr*p”.

Preston answers the judges’ question of where he’d like to be in five years with “as far away from a dance floor as possible”, then attempts a head stand.

The judges ask Chantelle where she wants to be in the next five years and she confidently replies “leader of Flawless”. Her confidence in dance however, is lacking as she stands still and moves her fingers around to the music while laughing nervously.

Michelle and Nikki’s auditions are more energetic.

The judges ask Michelle what her dancing dream is, to which she replies “to get through this audition” before whipping out some moves from a workout video including her take on the running man.

Nikki shows off her gymnastic ability by cart wheeling and doing the splits n the dance floor. As she leaves the judges say to each other “she’s going to be a handful”

Ulrika is aware her 16 year old son won’t want to face school tomorrow after seeing her dance, but let’s her “inhibitions, dignity and morals go out the door”.

Vanessa explains to the judges that she’s responsible for P Diddy’s dance style, that she and that Dizzy Rascal calls her “Young Veezy”. She then showcases her moves which include a bootie grind on the dance floor and winding up and down with her leg on the judges’ table, which impresses them.

Victor describes his style as a ‘black John Travolta’ before entering his routine and leaves the judges after his dance with: “call my agent, yeah.”


Most of the Housemates are in the living room.

Victor and Michelle discuss the task saying it will be fun, Michelle says she can’t imagine Victor dancing for people on demand, he said he had fun and gives off the impression he acted more cool than he did.

Vanessa and Chantelle talk about being home sick. Chantelle who begins to cry and says she goes up and down in the house with her emotions. Vanessa offers her advice saying she is handling the situation well really well in an excruciating situation and “behaving with enormous dignity” above her years. Chantelle says it is difficult being away from her family and at the same time battling her feelings for Preston and sometimes it overwhelms her. She says she thinks the situation would be easier if they hated each other “because we’d keep out of each other’s way.”


The Housemates are lined up in the Large Task Room ready for the Flawless judges to announce their decision on the dance group Leader. One by one Housemates are eliminated and Vanessa wins the title. She is elated and high fives her Housemates and does a celebration dance, yelling “I’ve got it all going on.”

Now that the housemates have their leader, the work on rehearsing a routine will begin.


Chantelle is in the bedroom toilet talking to Ulrika and Brian. She says she is upset today as she has a lot running through her head Ulrika tells her just to get through the performance and then talk to her or Brian later.
Meanwhile, Victor is looking for Chantelle and shouts through the door “get Chantelle out here!” before realising she’s upset. He turns quietly and tries to creep away casually, looking awkward.


Chantelle is getting ready for the dance with Brian in the closet. She says to Brian that she hates crying but sometimes needs to let it out as is always thinking about her family as well as Preston. She’s nervous about the dance and says “I’ve got no rhythm or co-ordination”. Brian tells her “it’s those big knockers, babe.”

Nikki is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother. She says she thinks they will do well in their performance and is glad that Vanessa is the Lead Dancer but isn’t happy about the comedy shell suits Housemates are wearing: “I wish we had cool proper outfits. I feel like Jimmy Saville in this to be honest.”


It’s performance time for Flawed and the Housemates put on their dance for the Flawless judges to a medley of songs. Their routine includes Vanessa slapping her behind, Nick doing the robot and it ends Nikki’s cartwheel into the splits.

The Flawless judges enjoy the performance and announce to the housemates that they have passed and have won themselves a hamper.


Chantelle is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about her time in the house. She explains “it’s just hit me that I’ve enjoyed spending so much time with him but as the time comes to a close I need to prepare myself for when I get out.” She says she hasn’t spoken to Preston about it as it’s not fair on him and she doesn’t want to put it on him and make him feel down. Big Brother asks Chantelle if there are any positives from her experience. She replies that this is the most positive thing she has done with Preston in the past three years and that she wouldn’t have realised she still had feelings for him. She says the experience is repeating history but with a different outcome.

“This is the best thing I could have done for myself. Now I know I can deal with it. Instead of what I did before, having the breast enlargement and piling on fake tan, I should have dealt with my feelings rather than covering it all up.”


Preston is in bed with a migraine. Chantelle is looking after him and says she will turn the lights off for him, as clearly the light isn’t helping. Ulrika is also in the bedroom however, and says she needs the lights on to get changed. Chantelle asks her to turn them out when she leaves but Ulrika starts to get annoyed and raises her voice, she says: “I will turn them out when I’m done, I’m going to be another 2 minutes”. Chantelle leaves but before she goes she says “Shouting won’t help him.” Ulrika says “Yeah, whatever.”

Back in the kitchen, Housemates receive their hamper, there are beauty and comfort products inside including robes and slippers that Nikki is especially pleased with. She shrieks with excitement and exclaims “This is the best prize ever!” She takes the hamper to the living to tell everyone who passes her about what’s inside.

Ulrika comes to the kitchen to vent to the other housemates about the earlier friction with Chantelle, saying “I’ve just cooked dinner for everyone. I’m just like ‘shut up’!”

An awkward silence follows as the housemates continue to look through their spoils for the day.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!