Ultimate Big Brother: Day 16 highlights – Davina McCall makes Chantelle, Nikki and Brian cry!

by Lisa McGarry

On tonight’s Big Brother show…..


Preston and Nick are at the Carousel

Preston and Nick are in the garden, they are talking about housemates that could win the final. Preston thinks that if Nick won it would complete the Big Brother circle and end a 10 year storyline.

Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Brian starts a conversation about how people judge too easily in society, people think looks and weight matter too much. This prompts Vanessa to talk about her weight. She says she’d like to be a size 12. She adds that she lost weight when she got married the first time, and when she got divorced.

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Brian, Victor and Nick are in the bathroom.

Victor and Nick play a game where they follow Brian around the house, they say that it is the Brian show and the only way to guarantee air time is to follow him around the house.

Back in the Living Room Brian now has all of the housemates following him, he tries to escape by climbing on the kitchen table. Vanessa says “Do you need me to throw my bulk between you and the ravelling hoards?” Victor and Nick walk away but tell Brian that they will be back


Davina is in the diary room.

Big Brother says she has time to snoop around the house for a bit and have a spy. Davina says that her being in the house one final time just “feels right” and with that she heads into the house

Davina heads into the Bathroom where she is greeted by the Tree of Temptation who asks her to rummage around inside his drawers. Davina finds a letter from home for each of the housemates. The Tree tasks her to get each housemate on their own, read them the letter, say they are her favourite and swear them to secrecy. Then he adds “And Davina, you are not live on Channel 4, so swear as much as you ****** like!” he then adds “I love you”. Davina tries hard not to cry, and rubs her eye.

The shutters from the Garden rise to reveal Davina waiting for the housemates in the living room. Victor notices first saying ‘that’s Davina McCall’ he runs in and hugs her followed by the rest of the housemates.

Davina comments on all of them saying to Chantelle that she cries a lot. She then takes the housemates one by one off to the Closet in the Bedroom in order to carry out her secret task.

She takes Chantelle first and tells her she “loves her vulnerability and that’s why you are my favourite” before reading Chantelle a letter from her mum.

Brian speculates as to what is happening before being taken by Davina. Brian cries when he hears that his nephews are enjoying “watching their funny uncle who now lives in the telly.”

Meanwhile, in the living room, Chantelle is giving clues as to what the surprise is. “It’s the one thing you could have wished for most about being in here.” Nikki looks confused before saying “Is it that Big Brother is going to continue?” “Yes, you can stay for ever.” replies Ulrika.

Next is Preston who hugs Davina when she says he is her favourite before being read a letter from his family.

Michelle’s letter is from her Fiancé within the message it says “see you at the alter in a few weeks”. A shocked Michelle realises he has organised their wedding day.

Ulrika’s letter is from her husband and children and Vanessa ‘s letter is from Ben, her partner, and her children who say they are proud of the new person she has become.

Nikki gets a letter from her mum who says she is enjoying seeing her on television.

Davina tells Nick she likes the not-so-nasty Nick as she continues her task of telling all the housemates they are her favourite. She reads a letter from his wife, which says now the world knows that really he’s nice.

When Davina tells Victor he is her favourite, he says “Oh I’m sure you told everyone that!”

Davina heads back to the living room with the housemates and is called by Big Brother as it is her time to leave. She says her goodbyes and begins to cry as she feels it is the end of a chapter. In the Diary room she leaves a message to Big Brother to say thank you for letting her in the house one final time to say goodbye. She says it has been a privilege to work on such a great show over the years, “I love this show. I always have. It’s been unreal.” A tearful Davina leaves the diary room and the house.


Chantelle, Preston and Vanessa are in the kitchen

Vanessa thinks she will go during eviction but Preston says it would only be because she was the last one in and thus more likely to be the next one out of the house.

Some of the housemates are at the carousel talking about Davina’s visit to the house

Ulrika says to the others how it was funny that Davina said to Chantelle to stop crying, to which Brian suggests she the reason she is so emotional is because of Preston. Victor says its stupid how she doesn’t talk to him about how she feels even though he sleeps in the next bed, he says they both knew they were coming in and should have addressed the situation sooner. Brian says that Chantelle is still in love with Preston and Victor says Preston must know this ‘he is not stupid, if everyone else in the world knows then he must as well’


Nikki is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother. She says that Davina coming in the house has reminded her that the show is coming to the end. She begins to cry saying she is sad Big Brother is ending as it turned her life around. “I must look like such an idiot [to] the outside world, but it’s how I feel.”


Brian is in the kitchen throwing peanuts into Chantelle and Prestons mouths, he says “this is like feeding time at the zoo”

Vanessa and Ulrika are in the Bathroom. Vanessa says to Ulrika that she is grateful that they both have been here in the house together, despite Vanessa snoring. They speak about how the younger housemates have been so nice to them even though they are the two ‘oldies’ Ulrika agrees saying that despite Vanessa thinking she is going she hopes she stays saying ‘I hope at the end of the night you are still on sitting their on that sofa’


Big Brother has gathered all of the housemates at the sofas for tonight’s evictions.

Michelle is the first person to be evicted from the house, she receives cheers from the crowd outside which pleases her housemates. Victor says to Nick that if he survives this eviction he “could be a dangerous player”

Vanessa is the next housemate to be evicted. She says thank you to the housemates for ‘being lovely’ to which Victor replies ‘you have done yourself proud’ before she heads up the steps and leaves.

The remaining housemates celebrate being in the final. Nick says he saw a rainbow and made a wish. The housemates congratulate him and then Nick says: “Now the evil starts!”


Nikki and Preston are at the carousel. Big Brother has provided Housemates with some alcohol.

Nikki and Preston talk about tonight’s evictions. Nikki says she thinks Vanessa only went because she came in last. They talk about Nick seeing a rainbow and Nikki says she wishes she saw one too.

Victor and Chantelle are in the bedroom talking about Preston.

Victor says to Chantelle that when her and Preston get out they have to just see how it goes and see where life takes them, he says that he thinks the two of them ‘have a chance’ and after Chantelle says ‘why’ Victor shouts ‘He is crazy about you’. He says they should talk about things together and Chantelle asks Victor not to tell Preston

Nick is in the Diary Room. He says Ultimate Big Brother has given him back his confidence that he, “rightly”, lost after Big Brother 1.


Preston and Chantelle are in the bedroom. Preston asks if Chantelle was buzzing about seeing Davina. Preston says she made him feel better. He says he thought he heard “get Preston out” when Nadia was evicted.

Some of the housemates are in the garden. Brian comments to the others that Preston and Chantelle are in bed at the same time.

Preston says to Chantelle in the bedroom its funny that they have both now done two finals, Chantelle says to him “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Preston wonders if people will be different now outside the house and come up to them in the street. Chantelle says she is just excited to see her mum. Preston ends the conversation before bed saying it is weird to think they are on Big Brother and “it doesn’t even feel like anyone is watching.”

Brian, Chantelle, Nick, Nikki, Preston, Ulrika and Victor are the finalists on Ultimate Big Brother.

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