Ultimate Big Brother: Day 5 highlights -Coolio leaves – Michelle and Victor cause havoc

Sunday 29th August, 8pm on Channel 4


Chantelle and Coolio are sitting in the garden. She tells him she is glad that survived the eviction but he should try and be nice to people. “I’m not here to kiss a**e, ” he replies. Coolio hugs Chantelle and kisses her on the back of the neck.

Victor and Michelle are watching Coolio’s moves on Chantelle via their plasma screen and laugh.

Nadia and Nikki are in the kitchen. Nikki asks if Nadia is feeling better after last night’s row. Nadia tells her that she does.


Preston and Makosi are in the garden. Last night, Victor and Michelle sent a scary clown into the house.

Makosi says that she wasn’t scared by the clown, “Just freaked out.” Preston said for a second he thought the clown had killed all the producers and stormed the house.” In the bedsit, Victor comments on Preston’s outfit: “Preston the 1950’s called, they want there look back.” Preston stops talking and can hear Nadia shouting from inside the house. Nadia screams “Why, Why.” Coolio has put all her shoes in a duvet cover.

Nadia has come to the diary room. She says that she has lost all her “respect and her dignity” following her angry reaction to Coolio’s prank. She tells Big Brother that she wants to leave.

11.31 am
Coolio has come to the diary room. He tells Big Brother that what happened with Nadia “was a joke, it was meant to be fun.” Coolio says that Nadia has not liked him since “day one” and that he will not apologies but will continue to play more jokes on her. “Nadia is the one who should apologise. I don’t feel like I’ve done nothing wrong,” he adds.

In the bedroom, while Nadia packs her things Nikki tells her: “We’re all on your side.”


Chantelle and Preston are at the carousel talking about Coolio. Preston says it was “harsh” that Coolio had referred to Nadia as “Them,” and dislikes the way Coolio spoke about women: “In a derogatory way, so old school.”

Some of the housemates are in the kitchen. Ulrika says that she felt similar to Nadia when she previously shared the Big Brother house with Coolio, but took more of a back seat. “He’s 47, he’s not going to change now,” she tells them.

In the bedsit, Victor says that Coolio is trying to “pick off the housemates one by one until he is the last one there.”

In the diary room, Coolio tells Big Brother that he will happily pack his things and leave “if you want.” Big Brother asks what the atmosphere will be like in the house if Coolio was to stay. “It won’t change,” he replies, adding “I will gladly pack my things and not feel like I’m in detention.” Big Brother asks him to calm down and Coolio says that his is calm before saying: “Let me the f**k out, open a door.” Big Brother opens the door and Coolio leaves the Big Brother house.

2.31 pm

Housemates have been gathered on the sofa. Big Brother announces that Coolio has left the house. Nikki says: “Kerching,” while making the sign. Chantelle looks shocked and comments: “He did say things which were wrong, but I liked him” Brian says that when Coolio was around “I always felt like he was looking over my shoulder and waiting for something to happen.” Housemates speculate that new people may enter the house. Ulrika mentions Michelle Bass and Brian mimics Michelle’s version on Pie Jesus. .

In the bedsit, Victor says that he thinks Ulrika doesn’t like Michelle.


Nadia and Nikki are in the bedroom. Nikki tells Nadia that she wants to move to the spare bed because the old bed has “bad aura.” When Ulrika hears Nikki’s reason for moving bed she tells fellow housemates: “She is so idiosyncratic.”
Brian has already put his bedding onto the bed Nikki has chosen “That’s my bed!” Brian playfully confronts Nikki and makes her switch back. He reminds her that he styled her hair the previous night.


Michelle and Victor are in the bedsit. Victor announces that he is going to moisturise his legs, “For the ladies of course.”

Housemates discuss how popular Big Brother was in previous years. Makosi says that Big Brother Africa came about as a result of her being in the UK house. In the bedsit, Victor disputes Makosi’s claims and says that they had one already screened Big Brother African before she appeared on the show. “Everyone in Africa thought she was a slut!” he adds.

Ulrika tells housemates to look at “my baby” and points to her stomach. Her stomach is visibly, slowly moving. In the bedsit, Michelle comments: “Is that her party trick?” and looks shocked. Victor adds: “She doesn’t want to do that if she’s looking for husband 50!”


Big Brother has called Michelle and Victor to the bedsit diary room. Big Brother asks Victor and Michelle to pick one house mate to have the pleasure of a slave for an hour. The bedsit housemates choose Nadia.

Most of the housemates are in the living room. Nadia comes to the diary room and screams when she opens the door and is ushered in by her ‘Slave,’ BB9’s Stuart.
When they enter the house, Brian says: “I would have him washing the floor in his underwear.”


Preston and Chantelle are in the bathroom, talking about Coolio. Chantelle tells Preston that she is “gutted” that Coolio has gone.

Victor and Michelle have been called to the bedsit diary room to select their next target. They must now choose two housemates to be treated to a disco in the small task room, for one hour. The bedsit housemates choose Brian and Nick.

Big Brother has called Nick and Brian to the diary room and reveals their treat. Nick comments: “I dance like a geography teacher.” They enter the task room and begin dancing while wearing the costumes provided. In the bedroom, Victor and Michelle enjoy watching the disco and laugh, mostly at Nick’s efforts.


Preston and Chantelle are in the bathroom and speculate as to where Nick and Brian are: “They’ve been in the diary room for a while,” comments Chantelle.

In the task room, while slow dancing to ‘Lady in Red’ Brian asks Nick: “Is this the gayest thing you’ve ever done?”


Big Brother has provided housemates with alcohol, cake and parlour games. They play Who Am I?, where housemates have 30 seconds to guess the name of a past or present housemate in a secret photo, using only adjectives.

Preston tells housemates: “You might use horrible adjectives to describe a housemate and they could walk through the door.” In the bedsit, Victor comments that Preston is “clever.”

Nadia is first. The photo is of Aysline and Nadia describes her as “Mike Tyson girl.”
Nick has a photo of Ulrika and describes her as “the eldest lady of the house.” Housemates guess correctly but Ulrika has a serious look on her face.
Chantelle’s says: “Jacuzzi,” and the housemates correctly guess Makosi. Chantelle apologises to Makosi who jokes: “I can you with two fingers.”
Makosi is up next: “Nice eyes, handsome, has allergies.” Housemates guess Preston.
Preston gets Michelle Bass and says: “Operatic.” In the bedsit, Michelle smiles.
Brian has Victor and he says: “Aggressive, confrontational, gangster.” Housemates guess Victor.

Victor is in the bedsit and is angered by Brian’s description of him and Michelle tells him not to “take it to heart.” Victor continues: “I’ve met Brian before and we got on well, “but now realises that Brian is “one of those people who is cool to your face and then not behind back.” Michelle warns him not to go into the house “starting fights.” Victor says he is going to go in there and talk to him, “It’s not over by a long shot,” he adds.


Housemates have been playing parlour games for 27 minutes. They play the Post- It note game. Chantelle writes ‘I heart Coolio’ on her bit of paper and the screws it up.

In the bedsit, Michelle is getting into bed but has her back to Victor, who is sat in the chair. Victor apologies for “going off at the deep end,” and asks if she is alright. He notices that Michelle has been crying and tells her that nothing he said previously “Was directed at you.” He reassures her that he will not start anything with Brian adding: “A few years ago I would have smashed him to bits, but now I’ve changed.” He says he will sort it out with Brian quietly, “If I sort it out at all.” He goes to the bathroom and brings a fresh roll of tissue for Michelle and they hug. He says “We’re having a good time aren’t we? We’ve got duvets, a bin and chicken; we’ll look back at this one day and find all this funny.”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!