Ultimate Big Brother: Day 6 highlights- Chantelle Houghton isn’t over Preston

On tonight’s Big Brother show……..
8.42 am

Victor is in the Bedsit Diary Room. He says he is optimistic about going into the house and says “there are a few ego’s that need adjusting in there”.

In the kitchen Ulrika tells Preston she feels the same about everyone with the Coolio situation but she says that because she was in the same house she was, she is a little sad and also he was an older man, similar age to her. She says she feels a lot older than everyone, also feels like an outsider. Preston tells her that he doesn’t feel home sick at all, she replies that’s because you doesn’t have any children. Ulrika says this feels like a mountain to climb and she can’t see past her cup of tea.


Michelle and Victor are in the bedsit watching Nadia smoke on her own at the carousel. Michelle says she’s been alone a lot today and she needs live-ling up.

Makosi, Nick and Ulrika are on the sofas talking about Big Brother 6 winner Antony.

Makosi says she is having a good time but she is worried about Antony coming in, not for herself but her country. Victor (watching from the bedsit) says “no one in Zimbabwe gives a s***, send him in no one cares.”

Brian, Chantell and Preston are in the nest and Preston talks about internet dating, Chantelle says he can’t do that with a girlfriend. Preston says his girlfriend has moved away. Chantelle says “she is still your girlfriend though?” – Preston goes “well? Err” Brian says “do you two want me to leave? This is awkward”. Watching from the bedsit Victor says “she (Chantelle) still wants to get with him.”


Preston asks Nick where’s his accent from. Nick says he spent 2 years in Australia when he was younger, and he can put the accent on more when people ask him if he is Nick from Big Brother. Victor , with a lot of sarcasm, says Nick is the life and soul of the party

Brian has come to the Diary Room. Brian says if there was clowns and things like that coming in here all the time he would be a nervous wreck and have to be sectioned. “You’re always looking over his shoulder”. Big Brother asks him what he is going to do this afternoon.

“Well Chantelle and I have a taxi booked for 3pm. We’re going to town for some lunch, shopping and then the cinema. And then when I wake up from this dream, I’m probably just going to lie down on my bed.”


Ulrika, Nadia, Chantelle and Brian are in the bedroom.

Brian asks what was Preston saying in the nest about going on dating websites; “I thought he had a girlfriend?”

Chantelle says she thinks that he’s not sure anymore.

Chantelle: “I thought it must be serious as he got her name tattoed on his ankle… I didn’t get over what happened when we split up and I’m only just realising so now I’m in here.

“I went and got my boobs done, face fillers and my lips done and I should have seen a therapist.

“I just wanted to completely change myself and look like a completely different person.” Chantelle begins to cry as she re-tells a story to the others about a time she got so upset driving on a motorway she closed her eyes when driving.

Brian and Ulrika comfort her as Nadia asks if she can be brutally honest and offer some advice.

Nadia: “You don’t feel like you’re good enough to be on your own, you feel you need someone to compliment you…. You must remember you made it own your wob until now, you don’t need a second someone.”


Big Brother has gathered all the Housemates at the sofas for the start of today’s Big Heads task. Big Brother has provided Housemates with a caricature big head which they must try and wear for sixty minutes. The closest Housemate to sixty minutes will win a special prize; Ulrika will have a special role in the task.

Ulrika is in the diary room and has to make predictions on who will take there head off first, she picks Nadia, who will moan the most, she picks Nikki and who will win, she picks Brian.


Ulrika has kept her predictions secret from the other housemates. If one of more of her predictions comes true the housemates will win a party for this evening.

Nadia takes her head off first. Brian has some water, he’s trying to put the straw in the mouth hole and he says “where’s the hole?” Victor says I bet he’s said that a few times. Preston and Chantelle rub noses with there heads on and then Preston head butts her. They then snuggle a bit.


The housemates have been wearing their giant heads for 39 minutes. Victor and Michelle are in the diary room.

Michelle says Preston is boring, Victor does an impression of Preston’s voice “these are prescription sun glasses.” Victor says Brian loves the sound of his own voice and he has got the biggest head.


Preston wins the task as he kept his head on for the closest time to 60 minutes. For his special prize Big Brother opens the garden shutters to reveal 2 new housemates. Michelle and Victor sit in the garden with there big heads on. The HM all say we’ve got new housemates and work out who they are. They all say hi and hug. Victor gets Brian in an arm lock and ruff’s his hair up a bit in a joking way.


New housemate Michelle comes to the diary room and says she just wants to have a laugh in the house and just have fun.

Brian tells Victor he’s not looking for a row. Chantelle says “don’t have a row with me because I’ll just cry.” They joke with Victor and say there do anything not to have a row, Brian said Chantelle will get her boobs out! Brian then says it was clever how they got then to play the picture game yesterday and describe the housemates. Victor says he watched Brian “slagging me off” and he wasn’t best pleased, Brian explains why he chose the words he used to describe him and Victor is ok with it.


Ulrika says she is the only one with children in the house, she is older then everyone and she feels like she shouldn’t be in here.

In the Living Room Makosi asks Chantelle of she would go back with Preston.

Chantelle: “I don’t think he could and I don’t think I should. Could we though? “Makosi tells her its not silly to feel the way she feels. “You married really young, you met in an intense environment and you’re back to the place you met. You wouldn’t feel the way you do if there was nothing left.”

Chantelle said she went to put her arm around him like in the old days yesterday, and he laughed. Makosi says “Every morning he fusses about what to wear. I think he is making effort for you.” Chantelle says she’s really confused and Makosi adds: “I think he fancies the s*** out of you.”


Nick and Preston are at the carousel. Preston says he can’t play the role of alpha male. Nick says he can if he is pushed. They both think Victor will take the role of alpha male.


Nadia, Makosi and Michelle are in the pool. Brian laughs that its silicone valley in the pool. Michelle does an impersonation of Preston after saying he’s sweet but very boring. Preston comes into the garden and Makosi asks him outright if he thinks there’s still something between him and Chantelle. Brian tells him not to answer that question as it might embarrass his current girlfriend. To break to mood Nadia tries to tempt Preston into the pool by jiggle her boobs in the water.


At the kitchen table Victor tells Chantelle that Coolio fancied her; she said they were just flirting. Victor: “He seriously wanted some slap and tickle. If you can’t see that you’re in danger. There’s tonnes of other Coolio’s out there waiting.” Victor calls Coolio a slimebag and Chantelle doesn’t see why he thinks that he was like that to her.

“I don’t think he was in pursuit of me,” says Chantelle. “I was flirting with him I admit that but that’s as far as it went.”

Brian joins them in the kitchen and jokes to Chantelle: “Coolio’s bed is barely cold and you’re at it again!”


Victor is sat outside with Nick talking about the other housemates. He says that Brians friends with most people, but mostly Nikki and Chantelle, Ulrika has got problems, she is missing her kids and is home sick. Nick says Makosi is having tactical showers.

Victor agrees. “Makosi knows what she’s doing. She’s put on half a stone on her t**s before she came in here.”

He adds: “It looks like Brian has it in the bag…”

Victor says to Nick they should team up and work together to play the game. “We can together get to the last week if we do this properly, get pantomime boos and then f*** off…we’re meant to be two of the greatest minds ever to set foot in here!”


In the Diary Room Victor outlines his plans for his stay in the house to Big Brother.

“I’ve assumed the role of alpha male in the house, wasn’t exactly hard because there wasn’t one.

“I’m torn between having a good time and playing the game….I can’t help it part of me wants to get rid of people with underhand tactics…pick a few of these suckers off.

Talking about Nick he adds: “We really should be a dream team of game players. Nasty Nick Bateman and Victor Slick Man Ebuwa.”

He talks about how he think Nick has come alive again since he entered the house. “I saw his loins bulge with strength,” he jokes. “He is refreshed and replenished by my arrival…. There’s nothing better than stitching someone up…. The ‘Big Sexy’ is back.”

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