Ultimate Big Brother: Day 7 highlights – Victor Ebuwa starts to stir things up!

Highlight’s from tonight’s Ultimate Big Brother show – 10pm on Channel 4


Brian lets Victor know that Makosi is about to have a shower in the garden. Victor thanks him for the heads up. Victor gets a chair and sits facing the out door shower to watch Makosi. Makosi says why don’t you have a shower as well to Victor. Victor jokes that’s a good idea because he cares about the environment and would be good to save water.

As Makosi finishes her shower Victor says “Thanks for the show, I got my money’s worth.”


In the bedroom some of the housemate are moaning about the dirty state of the bathroom. Preston says “the floor is really hairy” and Ulrika says she’s been finding long black hairs that she thinks must be from Makosi’s weave “as it looks like pubic hair”, just as she walks in and overhears.

In the kitchen Nick says he has got an evil plan to Victor, he suggesting that they should perhaps hide housemates toiletries to stir things up a bit. Nick says he could wake up in the night time and do this. Victor and he laugh together.


In the garden Makosi tells Nick she loves elephants and she feels very spiritual towards them, and loves being around them. Nick says his animal of choice is a rhino and can’t believe hunters would kill such animals.

In the bathroom Brian tells Victor that Nick is a different person since he has arrived. Victor says: “He needs the piss taken out of him…. We might see the real Nasty Nick emerge.” Brian jokes that he doesn’t want to see his name on a piece of paper.


Today housemates nominated for the second time. As new housemates Michelle and Victor won’t be nominating and can not be nominated. But it is nostalgic nominations with favourite Diary Room tasks thrown in for good measure.

Makosi has to cry at least 5ml into a tear catcher – she nominates Brian and Ulrika.

Nikki has to brush her teeth with smelly tofu toothpaste, she refuses to do it and says she will do any thing else so Big Brother provides her with a electrocution costume and she get electrocuted through out her nominations – she nominates Chantelle and Nick.

Brian has to eat 5 hot chillies, he nominates Makosi and Nick.

Nick has to ignore the clown behind him, he nominates Makosi and Nadia.

Nadia has to spell out her nominations – she nominates Chantelle and Nick.

Chantelle has got an electrocution costume on – she nominates Nadia and Nikki.

Preston – has to eat ice lollies so he gets brain freeze – he nominates Ulrika and Makosi.

As Nick received 4 nominations, Makosi received 3 nominations and Nikki, Ulrika, Chantelle and Nadia each received 2 nominations they will all face the public vote this Friday.


Most of the housemates are in the living room talking about relationships.

Brian says he doesn’t have a boyfriend: “I don’t like the label of boyfriend. It scares me. I don’t like someone else having control over me.”

Victor says he often is honest with women and says he doesn’t want anything serious, but then he hates it when they try and change him.

Victor asks Makosi if sex is important to her. She says it is. He then goes on to ask her if she knows any thing about sex toys. Makosi says she tried to bring in a vibrator into the house but she wasn’t allowed.


Some of the housemates are in the living room. Victor asks Ulrika about Sven Goran Eriksson and what made him a ladies man. She says he was nice, kind, caring all those things.

Victor says he has ruined his image of Sven “I thought he was a ladykiller.” Victor says he knows loads of women who have dumped men for being too nice. Ulrika says when girls normally go out with nasty guys and they meet a nice guy they would think where’s the catch.

Chantelle talks about going out with not nice people – Preston says “I was nice. Did you ever think I was too nice and boring?”

Chantelle says never ever, but that her Mum has said if she met a guy who treated her badly she’d end up chasing after him.


Some of the housemates are in the living room talking about sex. After Makosi’s revelations Brian and Ulrika gasp and Ulrika says “I’m appalled the African Queen would admit to something like that.”

Makosi says she’s only talking about it because Victor asked her and she doesn’t like people being so judgemental and walks out of the room.

Michelle says to Makosi outside that they didn’t mean to upset her. Makosi says it was just a bit of fun but Ulrika’s reaction has made it an issue.


Michelle is in the Diary Room and says she feels a bit out of place. “Victor is fine and is fitting in, he has made a B-line for Nick, which Nick is happy about.” She says she needs to inject some fun into the house.

Makosi, Victor, Nadia and Nick are in the Living Room

Victor says he wanting to find out Makosi’s views on sex. Makosi says one person is really irritating her and that it is Ulrika, she feels she gave her a funny look earlier.

“I don’t like it when I give my opinion and people then judge…. I don’t like snide people.”

Makosi says people haven’t seen the African side to her yet and kisses her teeth.


Big Brother gathers all of the Housemates in the Garden for today’s task.

They have to put up a shed as fast as they can between the 10 of them, but their competition is Winner of Big Brother 1 and handyman extraordinaire Craig Phillips.

Craig beats them and then reveals to the housemates they must decide which 2 people they think did the least work. They pick Chantelle and Brian. Craig then says they have to chose one of the two they chose to replace with himself. Brian’s face drops and Chantelle looks worried. Craig then reveals it was a joke he made up.
A relieved Chantelle goes and hugs Preston and says she is shaking.


In the lounge some of the girls are talking about the task. Nikki says that when Brian thought he might be evicted his face drained of colour. Ulrika says “did you notice how when Chantelle was told it was a joke she went straight to Preston and they hugged, she wasn’t sitting with Preston before.” Nadia asks what does that mean, Nikki thinks they’re still in love

Ulrika says she could understand why Brian was panicking earlier, Nikki says he is going to be the winner, then says Nick could win it because he has come in here ten years after all that trouble in the 1st year and shaken it off. Ulrika says she doesn’t think he has shaken it off and still has a chip on his shoulder.


Victor and Nick are in the living room talking about Ulrika.

Nick says he wants to know “Why do they call you 4×4?” Victor laughs and dares him to ask her. Nick then says she is very bossy.

Victor has come to the diary room. He says he and Nick are going to stir it up a little in the house. “I’m going to light the touch paper and see what happens.” He says Makosi has got a problem with Ulrika and predicts that “soon those heffers are going to lock horns.”

“I’m going to get people talking about stuff they really don’t like…put the cat amongst the pigeons.”

Outside Makosi, Michelle and Nadia are in the pool.

Makosi calls Ulrika snide. She says Ulrika keeps moving her shoes because she thinks she’s going to trip over them. “You know what b***h – say one more thing!”

Victor comes out to the garden and asks Makosi if she is feeling alright about the Ulrika situation. Nadia says the pool is brewing like a witches cauldron.


In the living room Brian asks Ulrika “do you think Nick is up to something?” Ulrika says that she didn’t think he was but recently she is starting to think about it.

Preston goes out into the garden to chat to the girls in the pool.

Preston talks about how he panicked when Craig tricked them that Chantelle might have to leave. “If Chantelle went I’d be really bummed out.”

Nadia asks him if he thinks she lives in his shadow. He says “no not at all,” and that he thinks it’s good they’re in there together as it “forces us to deal with it.”

“Normally when you divorce someone you just see divorce papers.”

Preston then talks about how his life was hard after the divorce, his parents were also going through a divorce, he had no career and he didn’t know what to do with his life. Makosi asks him how it feels to know that everyone wants you to get together. Preston says he doesn’t feel it’s like that.”


Nick has come to the Diary Room.

Nick is asked how the house is after Victor and Michelle came in. He says it has “made the house more paranoid”, because they have been watching the live feed. But there is a “new energy” to the house as well.

Michelle is talking to Victor about Ulrika in the garden. “I just can’t get on with Ulrika,” she says. She adds that she thinks Makosi “won’t let the situation go” with her either.

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