Ultimate Big Brother: Day 8 highlights – Chantelle cries over Preston….again!

by Lisa McGarry

Highlight’s show to air Wednesday 1st September, 10pm on Channel 4

10.44 am

Some of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Preston asks Ulrika and Brian if he looks like a 12 year old boy in his outfit. Brian and Ulrika tell him yes. “But does it look bad?”, asks Preston. Brian and Ulrika tell him yes. Ulrika tells him to wear something grown up. Chantelle tells him he looks alright just American.

Makosi is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother. She says that she didn’t understand Ulrika at first and now she does she knows how to deal with her. Makosi also tells Big Brother that the person she was dreading being in the house with the most was Nadia. But now she sees her as “aunty Nadia” who is always here to give you a cuddle if you are upset.

Some of the housemates are in the Living Room. Victor and Nick are discussing code names for the other housemates. “Preston would be badger. He walks around like a wounded badger”, says Nick. They add that Nadio would be ‘kettle’, Chantelle would be ‘kneecaps’ and Nikki would be ‘Ocelot’. Nick asks Victor if he thinks they will be able to use the code words in front of the housemates. Victor says they could because no one would know.


Big Brother has gathered all of the housemates at the sofas to reveal this weeks shopping task. They are told that for their task they will be performing as Majorettes from BB7. Most of the housemates will be majorettes while one will be the chorographer and another the troop leader. Nikki tells the housemates that she loved that task. “I used to be a majorette”, says Chantelle. Ulrika suggests that because of this Chantelle should take the role of troop leader. The housemates watch the routine on the plasma. Brian says that he doesn’t want to be the chorographer because no one will listen to him. “As it’s my task from BB7 maybe I could have more involvement”, says Nikki adding that she doesn’t want to be the task chorographer. Chantelle offers to switch. Ulrika tells Nikki that Chantelle should be troop leader because she used to be a majorette. Ulrika tells Big Brother that the troop leader is Chantelle and the head chorographer is Nikki. Nikki says that she is not happy.


All of the housemates are in the Bedroom. Nikki tells Makosi that she didn’t get a choice in the task and tells Makosi that she is very upset and doesn’t think that she is being unreasonable. Makosi agrees. Nikki tells Makosi that she wanted to be at the front but she wasn’t going to cause a scene and act like a little girl. She tells Makosi that she knows who her friends are.


Some of the housemates are watching the majorettes routine on DVD. Nikki tells them that her routine in BB7 was easier. Chantelle thinks a few of them should learn it and then they can teach everyone else. Brian watches it and says “Jesus Christ”. Chantelle tells Nikki that she doesn’t want to be at the front and asks Nikki if she wants to. Nikki says no.

Some of the housemates are in the Garden. “I can’t even dance in a club”, says Preston. “I can”, says Victor.

Back in the Living Room, Nikki tells Brian that she can’t concentrate so she needs to go for a run.

Nikki tells the housemates that she can’t be chorographer because she has never been one before. Michelle and Brian tell her that they will help her and Brian tells her to go for a run first. Nikki tells him that she thinks that would be “advisable” and runs up and down the Garden while the housemates begin to rehearse.

Nadia asks Ulrika how the deck chair works and Ulrika tells her it is inside out. Nadia decides to sit on it anyway and it collapses, “Bloody, stupid, f****** chair”, she shouts.


Some of the housemates are in the Kitchen. “In the street, do people call you Nasty Nick?” asks Chantelle. Nick tells her no. The conversation turns to Nick’s actions on BB1. Brian tells Nick that what he did has gone down in the history books and it made the nine o’clock news. Victor tells them that he and his friends all loved him but “he crumbled” when he was confronted when he should have just said “yeah I did it, deal with it”.


The housemates are in the Garden doing their routine to the music. At the end they start to free style and all sing and dance together. “We killed it”, says Preston.


Some of the housemates are in the Garden. Brian is telling them that Kylie voted for him when he won BB2. He explains how he once spoke to her on the phone and went to the premiere of Moulin Rouge which Kylie was at. Nikki asks if Narinda was invited to her première. “Of course not, only the winner got to go to the premiere”, jokes Brian.

Chantelle is in the Diary Romm talking to Big Brother. “I think Preston is the best majorette”, she says adding that he has picked up the routine so quickly.


Chantelle and Victor are in the Bedroom. Victor tells her that he can see her and Preston spending time together after Big Brother. Chantelle tells Victor that she is going to meet up with Preston he weekend that she gets out for a catch up. “Haven’t you already caught up in here?” says Victor. Chantelle tells Victor that he is being very inquisitive and tells him they are just meeting for a catch up. Victor asks Chantelle if they will ever get back together. Chantelle tells him no because Preston has got a girlfriend


Nikki is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother that she wanted to be head majorette. “I got in a grump about it”, she says. She says that she would have loved to have been at the front last time and the task is making her miss everyone from BB7. Nikki begins to cry. “I know this sounds silly but I really miss everyone from BB7”, she says. She tells Big Brother that she would do anything to have Richard or Glyn in the house with her adding. “Or Pete, or Grace or Mikey”


Housemates are in the Garden performing their majorette task. After the task has finished Big Brote4hr announces that they have passed the task and therefore won a takeaway meal of their choice. “That was almost worth selling my soul to the devil for”, says Victor.


All the housemates have been gathered in the Living Room for the results of this week’s nominations. Each of the housemates must open a designated baton to discover their fate.

The housemates each take turns opening their baton. Makosi, Nadia, Ulrika, Chantelle, Nick and Nikki find out that they have been nominated. Preston’s mouth drops open when Chantelle reveals that she too, has been nominated.


Ulrika and Brian are in the Bedroom. Ulrika tells Brian that infidelity causes so much destruction for that one moment. “Those 45 moments”, says Brian.

Some of the Housemates are in the Garden. Nadia is in the pool. She asks Victor who he thinks will go on Friday. Victor says Ulrika straight away and then tells her that he thinks Makosi and Nick are high risk. He tells the housemates that Chantelle won’t go because she has got a romance going on with Preston.

Chantelle and Preston are in the Kitchen. “If I go on Friday don’t share your bed with another girl”, she tells him. Chantelle begins to cry and says that she wouldn’t be able to cope seeing him on TV with someone else.


Ulrika and Chantelle are in the Bedroom. Ulrika tells Chantelle she will find it weird when she comes out of the house after spending time with Preston. Chantelle tells her that is why she has started to try and not spend so much time with him in the house. Chantelle tells Ulrika that she is glad they are in the house together though because “at least I have addressed it now”. She tells Ulrika that it is a really good thing because she hasn’t been able to care about anyone else and this will help her to move on. Ulrika tells her that it has been a “huge positive” then.

Brian is in the Bathroom. “Oi, trolly dolly”, says the Tree. Brian is set a task in which he has one hour to get three housemates to confess that they are the most famous person in the house. As Brian leaves the Tree calls him Eamon. Brian sticks his finger up at the Tree.


Nikki and Brian are in the Garden. “Ulrika really p***** me off”, Nikk says. She tells Brian that she is feeling delicate as it is. Brian asks her if she feels delicate because of nominations. Nikki says yes. Most of the housemates join Nikki and Brian to smoke.

Brian walks back to the Bathroom asking the Tree for help with his mission. “I can’t get them on their own”, says Brian.

Brian sets out on his task trying to get Ulrika, Nadia and Nikki to try and admit that they think they are the most famous housemates. None of them say they are or think they deserve to be in Ultimate Big Brother. Brian gives up after failing with Ulrika. “I think Victor is on a secret mission asking me lots of questions”, says Ulrika. Brian tells her she should play the game. “There’s no I in team, Ulrika. That is why you are nominated”, he adds.


Brian has been called to the Diary Room. As punishment for failing his secret task Brian reads a bedtime story to Big Brother which he doesn’t realise is being used by Big Brother to edit him badly. Brian doesn’t know that he has been edited to say, “please don’t vote for me… I’m in it for the money… I am fake and a liar.”

In the Living Room Nikki asks Nick why Ulrika has turned on her saying “I thought she was my friend”. And that she sees her pulling faces at her now. Nick tells Nikki that it could be because she changed her mind a lot, especially when it came to her being a chorographer during the task. Nick tells Nikki that she might be pushing the “wrong buttons” with Ulrika. Nikki tells Nick that it is making her paranoid and she knows she is hard to live with but she has been trying very hard to “keep schtum”. Nick tells Nikki to just be nice. “If you don’t get nice you won’t give nice back”, says Nikki.

Lisa McGarry

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