Ultimate Big Brother: Nadia Almada blames Davina McCall for suicide attempt

by Lisa McGarry

Ultimate Big Brother star Nadia Almada has hit out at show bosses and Davina McCall for driving her over the edge.

The Portuguese transsexual was evicted from the BB house on Friday 3rd of September and attempted to commit suicide less than a week later.

Nadia was reportedly found by a friend who was staying in her council flat, having overdosed on prescription drugs and painkillers. Almada was rushed to hospital and a friend told The Sun:

“This is a cry for help. She is very unhappy.”

In a newspaper interview last week Nadia talked about the Coolio situation and claimed that Big Brother was covering up the worst of his behaviour. She added:

“I just feel my life isn’t worth living any more. I’m in the gutter and completely distraught.”

Speaking to Star magazine this week (Nadia sure does seem to be giving a lot of lucrative interviews for someone in such a bad mental place doesn’t she?), Nadia also hit out at Davina McCall over comments she made about her physical appearance.

During an episode of Big brother’s Big Mouth, Davina introduced comedian Jarred Christmas by saying:

“He has the charm of Coolio and the warmth of Ulrika. And he has the boyish good looks of Nadia.”

Nadia blasted:

“I was so confused. I thought people would maybe be a bit sympathetic towards me, not boo me. And I couldn’t believe that Davina didn’t ask me about Coolio.”

“It was unforgivable. I feel so let down.

“She’s someone I have always looked up to. Kids watch that show – she should be more responsible.

“For Davina to say I am boyish, what does she want me to do?

“Should I be a perfect, pretty size zero?

“It’s made me realise I need to have surgery and reshape my face. I am still not accepted as a woman.

“Davina’s comment has made me hate myself. I feel fat, I feel ugly. I am disgusted by myself when I look in the mirror. So I will have to try harder to conform.”

Maybe you should do that out of the public eye eh Nadia?

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!