Alesha Dixon blasts ‘b*tch’ Katie Hopkins but Katie LOVES David Bowie Scotland jibes!

by Lisa McGarry
alesha dixon 1

alesha dixon 1

Alesha Dixon has blasted Katie Hopkins for running down celebrity mums in her recent rants.

Katie caused a bit of a furore when she blasted Lily Allen recently, saying that the singer ‘gained two stone’ during her last pregnancy and ‘looked hideous’ after the birth of her second child.

Allen hit back earlier this month, defending herself and explaining that after her history of miscarriages, she was afraid to move during her last pregnancy and as a result, ballooned in size.

Dixon is livid with The Apprentice star over her insults and in an interview with new! magazine she insisted that the mum of three is ‘just a b*tch’ and should steer clear of new mums in the future.

alesha dixon katie hopkins

The singer gave birth to her first child Azura Sienna last October but insisted that she is in no hurry to lose any of her baby weight. The BGT panellist says she hasn’t ‘had time’ to shift the extra pounds but continued:

“My priority isn’t losing weight, it’s looking after my little girl.”

Katie isn’t phased at all by Dixon’s tongue lashing, she’s rather preoccupied with another matter.

The star was avidly watching The Brit Awards last night and was elated when David Bowie sent Kate Moss to pick up his award.

David-Bowiekate moss

The model made a rather controversial speech on Dave’s behalf, in which she pleaded with Scotland to stay part of Britain, as opposed to voting for independence in their forthcoming referendum.

Hopkins was a BIG fan of the sentiment and tweeted:

“Bowie just told Salmond to sod off. BOW DOWN to the Bowie #BRITs2014”

She took yet another swipe at Lily during proceedings though, as Allen slightly messed up when she was giving out an award.

Katie mocked her posting;

“Announce the nominees. Announce the winner. Not hard Lily Stick to singing love. And dishing out what you can’t take. #BRITs2014”

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