Amanda Holden thinks David Walliams’ baby looks more like Simon Cowell & she talks about Simon going commando

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Britain’s Got Talent judge, Amanda Holden, has joked that David Walliams’ new baby looks like Simon Cowell! God knows what happens backstage at those Britain’s Got Talent auditions.

Last weekend, it was confirmed that David and his model-wife Lara Stone welcomed their first child to the world, a baby boy. However, they haven’t revealed the baby’s name as of yet – possibly Simon, no?

Amanda appears on this evening’s Alan Carr’s Chatty Man show in which she reveals that she thinks the baby looks more like Simon.

She quips: “I said he looks more like Simon”.

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Continuing the joking, she said Simon and David would make great parents – especially since David refers to Simon as “My Simon”. I wonder what Lara makes of it all?

“They’re going to make brilliant dads. I think they put it all in a test tube, gave it a shake and Lara took it”

Then the tone was lowered – as it always is on Chatty Man. Somehow, the conversation got around to Simon’s well, erm… junk in the trunk! That really is the politest way I could put it without making you throw your breakfast back up at this time of a morning. She went into detail of an incident backstage at the BGT auditions beneath those high waisted jeans of his.


She said: “He stood up, sorted himself out and I saw it dangling. I could almost tell what religion he was.

“I said ‘Darling, have you got knickers on?’ He went ‘No, darling – I love to go commando. I like to be free’.”

Ew, ew, ewwwwww!

Amanda revealed how she took to Twitter to tell her fans that she would title her memoirs after Simon’s bits. She said her favourite suggestion was “Holden onto Simon’s C***”.

Meanwhile, the Britain’s Got Talent auditions continue tomorrow on ITV. And no looking where you shouldn’t…

Take a look at a clip from last week’s show, below:

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