Amanda Holden thinks her children could win Britain’s Got Talent & admits Simon Cowell ‘adores David Walliams’

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Amanda Holden thinks her two daughters could go on to become winners of Britain’s Got Talent one day.

The – probably biased – mum of two has been a judge on the ITV show for seven years, so she knows what she’s looking for in a winner and despite the fact that one of her children is still a baby, she definitely thinks they have what it takes to walk away with the title and Royal Variety spot.

While many celebrity parents try to discourage their children from following in their footsteps, Holden is doing exactly the opposite and is keen for both girls to make their way in the world of showbiz.

“I won’t be pushing them into showbiz but I will be doing it secretly behind the scenes,” she told the Daily Star. “They’re both really starting to show talent.

“Lexi sings, she’s really good and Hollie, even though she is only 17 months, she copies. I think she could be an impressionist. They could be future winners, for sure. Watch this space.”

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Holden teased that the girls will be using their performing skills to support her and her husband in their old age and laughed:

“Me and my husband keep saying they live with us rent-free so it’s about time they went out there and earned a living.”

Britain’s Got Talent drew to a close last Saturday night, when Hungarian shadow dancers Attraction won the series with their patriotic routine. The whole thing was overshadowed by Simon Cowell’s egging, though Amanda didn’t open up about the incident.

She did chat about the music mogul’s relationship with David Walliams though and insisted that their bromance is definitely not just for the benefit of the cameras. She thinks the X Factor boss genuinely ‘adores’ the new dad and said:

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“I like watching it. They don’t have any real men friends in real life. He (Simon) adores David and loves the relationship.”

How very sweet!

David was sad to leave Simon behind when the series ended at the weekend and tweeted:

“I just said goodbye to @SimonCowell and cried a little bit.

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