America’s Got Talent 2013: New judge Mel B booed yet again as Howard Stern says she “lacks a sense of humour!”

america's got talent 2013

Fans of America’s Got Talent will know that Sharon Osbourne quit her role as a judge on the show after a row with NBC – the US network that airs AGT – and was subsequently replaced by Spice Girl Mel B…

However Mel – who was of course a guest judge on the UK version of The X Factor last year – has been about as popular as pubic lice with the AGT audiences, and despite the fact that filming for this year’s new season has barely begun, she’s been booed twice and fellow judge Howard Stern has accused her of having no sense of humour.

The latest debacle surrounding Mel came during auditions in New York yesterday when she buzzed off a comedian who made what she felt was a racist joke…

TMZ report that the joke – about African American taxi drivers – ended with a quip about them being “more entertaining than other taxi drivers.”

As a tutting Mel buzzed, she then explained disapproval saying, “I found it really offensive.

Belvedere Red Launch At Ivy Pool“There was no need to do a stereotypical black joke. It was not funny.”

However, the audience didn’t agree and immediately began heckling her. Fellow AGT judge Howie Mandel then reportedly cut in to ask the crowd if they thought the joke was inappropriate, and the resounding answer was “No!”

As mentioned, Howard Stern then said of Mel that she “lacks a sense of humour” and the final snub came from judge Heidi Klum who observed, “There will always be jokes made about being black and white …

“I agree with you that we should laugh about it.”

The earlier booing incident occurred during the first day of filming in New Orleans after she made “negative comments” about wannabes Lagniappe, who are “a very popular New Orleans brass band.”

However, Mel was unfazed by the criticism she received for not being a fan of the band saying, “We all get booed. If you say no or you don’t like it, everybody jumps on you.”

But as the crowd chanted “Go home!” and “No respect!” Howie Mandel reportedly leaned over to comfort her.

Here’s a look at Mel talking about the show to Mario Lopez, host of Extra…

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