Britain’s Got Talent 2010: Graham and James Edgington overcame cancer and bereavement tragedies

Britain’s Got Talent hopefuls Graham and James Edgington have overcome major tragedies in their lives so far, but say that they have big dreams for their future.

The father and son act appeared on tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent show, when they performed Les Miserables track This Is The Moment for the judges. Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan loved the performance and though Simon wasn’t as gushing with his praise they were put through to the final 40 acts who will appear on this week’s live semi finals.

In an interview with The News Of The World today, Graham, 54 and James 26, revealed that they have both suffered from and beaten cancer and their wife and mother was killed in a car crash 24 years ago. Graham battled breast cancer in the 1990’s, while James was diagnosed with testicular cancer five years ago.

Graham told the newspaper:

“It was a tense time until I got the all-clear because I’m James’s sole parent, but luckily it was diagnosed early.”

“James had a really tough time of it and also underwent surgery.

“His was the more serious cancer. It was a very worrying time for us both. If I’d have lost him it would have been the end for me too.”

Thankfully the pair are both in remission and Graham added: “It causes a laugh when we both turn up for hospital check-ups. There can’t be many father and sons our age who have both had cancer.”

Graham has always wanted to perform and was shortlisted to star in a West End production of Miss Saigon when his wife was killed. He gave up on his dream when he was left to raise James on his own and sees BGT as his second shot.

On why he entered the show Graham said:

“I’d had a bottle of Rioja and was just going to enter James but I thought he’d be just another 20-something singing act and his talent might get missed so I added myself on as well.

“We’d only ever sung together at a family party and we’d done This Is The Moment (from the Jekyll and Hyde musical).

“I thought they’d tell James to get rid of the old fogey and come back on his own but they seemed to like us both.”

“I’d love to one day sing in a West End show with my son at my side. That would be a wonderful tribute to Jen’s memory.”

James added: “Mum was definitely in the theatre. I wasn’t nervous. I just felt looked after, like there was someone out there protecting me and that was mum.

“We’ve made the final 40 acts and we’re determined to take this opportunity.”

Lisa McGarry

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