Britain’s Got Talent 2010: Lineup for Friday’s 5th semi final revealed

Well the week is almost over and in just two days, we will be enjoying Britain’s Got Talent final show of 2010. So far Spelbound, Tobias Mead, Tina and Chandi, Twist and Pulse, Janey Cutler, Connected, Paul Burling and Christopher Stone have made it through to Saturday night’s finale, two more acts from tomorrow night’s show will join them in the fight for the £100,000 prize.

The lineup for the last semi final has been confirmed and we have revealed it below, along with a little reminder of who everybody is and our predictions for the top two. We have got them mostly right all this week, so you can trust us 🙂

Dance Flavourz: Dance Flavourz consists of 12 Brazilian Samba dancers, 11 females and 1 male. Francis the male dancer and spokesperson for the group trained as a dancer in Portugal when he was 14. After their London audition (shown on last Saturday’s show) Piers Morgan gushed “That was really, really special and you are utterly compelling to watch.”

Liam McNally: 14 year old Liam impressed the judges on last week’s BGT show, with his crystal clear rendition of ‘O Danny Boy’ (Video Here). Simon Cowell told him “When you sing you have fire in your eyes, you have emotion. You have a real warmth when you perform…it’s believable.

The Chippendoubles: lookalike group who in their audition took on famous figures like David Beckham and Simon Cowell himself.

Father & Son Graham and James Edgington : The father and son act appeared on last week’s Britain’s Got Talent show, when they performed Les Miserables track This Is The Moment for the judges.

Myztikal: Myztikal are a group of 12 aged between 10 and 30. In their first audition for the judges they had great dancers but awful singers. Amanda Holden said “It started off good but if you wish to continue you must sort out who can sing and who can’t”

Aliesia Vazmitsel: The sexy blonde pole dancer. Enough said!

A3: The dancing brothers who cry a lot!

Kieran Gaffney: Little drummer boy who failed to make it through to last year’s semi finals and who returned to audition this year with his parents. He ditched the parents, made it through and is hoping to drum us all away tomorrow night.

Predicting for this show is quite hard because there is no obvious front runner. Child acts haven’t done too well this week so far, but we think that Kieron can buck the trend if his song is interesting enough. Myztikal or the Father and Son act could be the last act into the final, if they keep the standards up tomorrow night. Do you agree? Leave your predictions below.

Lisa McGarry

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