Britain’s Got Talent 2010: Nolan Sisters back Tobias Mead!

As well as dancing on a recent Take That tour, Britain’s Got Talent hopeful also performed as a backing dancer for The Nolan Sisters and Loose Woman Colleen Nolan has admitted that she is backing him to win the ITV show.

The 22 year old wowed the audience and judges alike with his strange back to front routine at his BGT audition and Colleen admitted that she was amazed when he popped up on her TV screen.

She told The Mirror:

“I had no idea he was going to be on so it was a shock to see him up there. I started screaming at the telly: ‘It’s Tobias!’ Me, my husband Ray and the kids were all cheering him on. I’m so proud of him.”

Tobias rehearsed with the sisters for six weeks before their tour but sadly only got to perform on one show after landing awkwardly from a back flip and breaking his foot.

Collen added:

“He was the cheeky one. He stood out as a dancer and as a personality. He would make me burst out laughing. I’d say: ‘Tobias, behave! This is my sexy face.’ And we’d just collapse giggling. He was so excited about the tour so we were devastated for him when he had to pull out.

“At first he believed he’d just bruised his foot. I saw him in the foyer of the hotel after he arrived back from the hospital – he was on crutches and his leg was in plaster. I put my arms around him and he was in tears.”

Colleen’s singing sister Linda was also surprised to see Tobias show up on the ITV talent competition.

She said: “I was thrilled to see him up there. He deserves every bit of the success he’s getting. I texted him after the show and told him he was a star. He thanked me for getting in touch.

“He’s a lovely lad with a fantastic smile. The girls are going to love him. Mind you, I had to smack him over the head a few times when he was giggling too much!”

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!