Britain’s Got Talent 2010: Tobias Mead broke foot before audition

Tobias Mead does a backwards dance

Britain’s Got Talent hopeful Tobias Mead has revealed that his hopes of succeeding on the show were almost dashed, after he broke his foot just weeks before his audition.

Tobias, 22, impressed the judges at their London auditions, when he performed a weird back to front dance routine. After watching him dance, Simon Cowell gushed:

“Every so often someone comes along who is just brilliant! You are really really super talented! People will like you, girls will love you. Easiest yes I’ve given today!”

He has now admitted that just days before he appeared for Simon, Amanda and Piers he was practicing while using a pair of crutches. He told The Sun:

“There isn’t a day in my life when I haven’t danced. I never get ill but I broke my foot before I auditioned for BGT.

“I was out of the cast for a week before I did the auditions, which isn’t long. It was a close call.

“But even with a broken foot I couldn’t be stopped.

“I just danced on crutches and I would have auditioned on them.”

On how he plans to set himself from former BGT dance acts George Sampson and Diversity, Tobias added:

“To win I need to do something that neither of those dancers did, something fresh and new and coming up with that is a difficult thing.

“I feel I’ve got more than dance to offer because I am an actor also.

“George Sampson was more of a breakdancer, I’m a bodypopper and the things we do are different.

“I like to create an atmosphere and tell a story, whereas Diversity had gimmicks and George Sampson could spin on his head.

“I don’t want to do somersaults and flips. I want to dance.”

Lisa McGarry

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