Britain’s Got Talent 2011: Michael Collings shocks judgemental Amanda Holden!

Michael Collins is set to make his TV debut on tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent and we really think he’ll end up being one of the biggest stars of the series.

The 19 year old IT engineer turned up to the Birmingham tryouts to sing for Amanda Holden, David Hasselhoff and Michael McIntyre and at first glance, none of them expected much from him.

Dressed in tracksuit bottoms and a casual (bright orange) hoody the dad to be told Ant and Dec that he lives in a caravan site……it’s like My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and The X Factor all rolled into one! He said:

“My name’s Michael, I’m 19 and I work in a computer shop in Plymouth. I live with my mum and dad on a caravan site. It’s not too bad actually, it’s quite posh really. You’ve got to have a little key card to open the gates, it’s pretty good. My fiancée is called Sarah. About a year and a half ago I proposed to her in a bit of a stupid place – an all you can eat Chinese restaurant, in front of her mum and sister! She was embarrassed and started crying. But Chinese and a pint, it’s gotta be done.”

As Michael plugged his guitar into the speaker and prepared to perform, Amanda turned to Michael McIntyre and quipped:

“He looks like he’s going on a long haul flight. ”

Michael laughed:

“”On Easy Jet!

But they were soon made to eat their words as he belted out a moving version of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car.

Speaking at this week’s press screening, Holden admitted that she totally judged Michael on how he looked and was subsequently proved wrong, just as she was by international best selling artist Susan Boyle. She said:

“It’s like the Susan Boyle thing, you completely judge people as you see them and it’s always a surprise.”

Watch out for Michael on tonight’s opening episode of Britain’s Got Talent, series 5, on ITV1.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!