Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Are these the finalists for the live semi finals?

Britain’s Got Talent moves into it’s live stages this Sunday and on Saturday’s show, the judges will reveal which acts they have chosen to take through to the semi finals.

David Walliams, Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell and Alesha Dixon spent a full weekend back in February, holed up in London deliberating over all the acts they had given yeses to and a place in the next round.

Although none of the performers were able to sing, dance, or play the violin again, the panel did re-watch their audition tapes and subsequently narrowed the group down to just forty five acts.

Although the finalists have not yet been confirmed, we have taken a look through all the acts that got enough yeses for the next stage and picked the ones we think are destined for the live shows.

We think Ryan O’Shaughnessy may not have won a place, given the fact that he is currently tied into a contract with Irish TV channel RTE and bosses there have confirmed that ITV have not yet been in touch about freeing him from his commitments.

However, we think the following acts probably stand a good chance of making it through.

Ashleigh and Pudsey – the gorgeous teenager and the dancing dog…Simon has promised that he will join the pair on stage, if they win the series!

Nu Sxool – The most cute dancing school children we have ever seen!

Only Boys Aloud – A Welsh boys choir that stunned all four judges with their dulcet tones.

The Showbears – The camp comedy singers who sang with David Walliams and want to perform with Simon next!

The Zimmers – The most cool OAPs around!

Jonathan Antoine & Charlotte Jaconelli – the opera singing duo are the current favourites to win the series, so we can’t imagine them not getting through!

Sam Kelly – The handsome crooner is the eye candy of the series. Expect the teenage girls to vote in their millions.

Sugar Dandies – The same sex ballroom dancers, who make David want to get his new love Simon in a romantic clinch!

Ashley Elliot – One Direction love his xylophone playing, so surely that’s enough to win him a place in the semis?

Beatrix Von Bourbon – The burlesque dancer has already sparked on OFCOM investigation and you know how Cowell loves controversy!

The Mend – This boyband are so talented, we think they have a good chance of going as far as winning the entire series.

Analiza Ching – She can play the violin and sexy dance….of course she has to be in!

Chelsea Redfearn – She can certainly belt out a good version of Purple Rain.

Four Corners – The boys dancers with the single female dancer, who has promised a topless routine for the semis!

Zipparah Tafari – ‘Where’s me keys? Where’s me phone?’ – Where is his number one record?

Hope Murphy – The voice of an angel….

Paige Turley – Another little singer with a big voice….maybe they could have a children’s only show one night?

Strictly Wheels – The wheelchair ballroom dancers who insist that they aren’t doing it for sympathy. There’s a lot to be admired!

UWS – United We Stand – Another young dance act who Simon Cowell thinks are pretty ‘close’ to Diversity.

Loveable Rogues – The second boyband of the competition, who can even write their own tunes. We like!

Cascade – We think Cascade have it in the bag, simply because Amanda Holden loves their pecs!

Chica Latina – Simply because she flirts with Cowell and you know how he likes his ego stroked….plus there has to be one or two joke acts right?

Kai & Natalia -The sixteen year old ballroom dancers, who want to make ballroom sexy…we thought Alesha did that?

Karizma Krew – Simon hated their leader, so we think David and Amanda will insist on having them on the lives.

Lauren Thalia – The tiny young 11 year old who can sing, play guitar and charm the birds out of the trees!

Marea Smithson – She’s a medical receptionist by day, Anne Robinson by night!

Michael NG – He is only 12 and he already has ever dance exam going…surely he’s more than able for the BGT panel?

Truly Medley Deeply – A group of 21 year old Masters Students from Oxford/London, who like to perform mash ups and mixes of modern tracks.

Graham Blackledge – He can sing, he can play the organ and he can totally rock La Bamba!

Malakai Paul – He is nine, he made the nation cry last week, he has become a Youtube hit, Malakai will definitely be back!

Molly Rainford – Alesha Dixon thinks she’s a ‘mini Mariah Carey’ and David Walliams thinks she’s too old….we think she’s surely in.

As we said previously, none of these acts have yet been confirmed by ITV and there are still a few acts that we haven’t seen, who will perform on tomorrow night’s show.

Who do you think should make it through, who can go on to win? Leave your comments below…

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!