Britain’s Got Talent 2012: David Walliams goes Sport Relief crazy and plans to solve Agatha Christie mysteries in new series

David Walliams seems addicted to supporting Sport Relief. As if doing 5 challenges for the charity and becoming the speaking clock for it’s BT campaign wasn’t enough, David announced his latest plans this week on Twitter, writing:

“Some very exciting news. I am guest editing ‘The Independent’ for Sport Relief on Friday 23rd of March.”

The Britain’s Got Talent judge added:

“I am presenting some of Sport Relief next Friday with the brilliantly funny Miranda Hart.”

This must make him THE face of the Sport Relief night then. David’s swim will be a major feature in the show, as will his charity visit to Africa, his visit to the elderly benefitting from Sport Relief cash and a very special sketch mashing up Britain’s Got Talent with Benidorm. Well, after all he’s done for the charity he deserves to not just be the face, but the head of it.

Meanwhile David has also revealed more about that detective series he’s been working on. It’s an Agatha Christie series he’s “putting together” for him to star in with “a very famous female comedian. They’re Agatha Christie stories but [featuring] detectives people haven’t really seen before.”

On top of all this, Walliams will also star in the new series of Britain’s Got Talent, which kicks off on the 24th March.

In an interview with The Scotsman, the English star chatted about his new role on the ITV reality TV show and admitted that the audition process took a lot of getting used to, as he isn’t used to cameras following and filming him for such a sustained period of time.

He explained that when he wasn’t being filmed during the performances, he was being taped by ITV2 eating his lunch and chatting with his fellow judges. It was truly non stop.

Walliams said:

“It’s not like doing other TV shows. I’ve done panel shows, which I enjoy, and on those you’re recording half-an-hour of TV and sometimes they film for two hours. But with Britain’s Got Talent, you’re on camera for eight hours, with a large theatre audience watching – and in between you’re being filmed for ITV2 as you eat your lunch. So that part is quite hard to get your head around, because at any moment anything you say or do might get filmed.”
This post was written by Britain’s Got Talent and Big Brother uber fan Daniel Cohen. Catch up with him on Twitter here.

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