Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Only Boys Aloud members say joining a choir has been ‘life changing’ – asked to sign people’s bums!

Only Boys Aloud were seen stunning the Britain’s Got Talent judges on Saturday night’s launch episode and during an interview on This Morning, the boys have admitted that being part of the young male choir has totally turned their lives around.

The boys were put together by Tim Rhys-Evans, a classically trained singer and former musical director of Welsh National Youth Opera for a BBC documentary last year and are actually composed of nine different local groups, who come together to perform as one ensemble for big occasions.

Explaining the premise behind the project, Tim told Phillip Schofield:

Everything we have been doing for the last ten years is about the future of the male choirs and the next generation. We wanted to get young lads interested in singing but more than that, get them to aspire to do something with their lives that’s positive and use singing to create something special.

There are nine different choirs, all conducted by members of Only men Aloud. They are an amazing team that keep these guys together, then I bring them together for the big stuff.

One of the boys described what it was like to sing for Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon earlier this year, saying the whole thing was ‘amazing.

He explained:

It was absolutely amazing, it is almost gone from my memory, it was just so stunning. There are no words to describe it.

Another young singer admitted that just joining the choir has totally changed his life and added:

For me, it is really life changing. I’d always been in the performance field, but the confidence and self belief that we get from our captains, Tim and each other is soemthing amazing.

It’s just the thought that a group like us can get so far and we have had so many amazing experiences.

One of the lads was surprised on Saturday night, as he thought because he was one of 133 people on stage, no one would recognise him. But he was spotted and met with some very strange requests as a result. He added:

I went down my local snooker club, to have a game of pool with the boys. Britain’s Got Talent was on and there was a group of grown men at the bar and they recognised me. They came down and said:

“Will you sing a song?”

When I said no they said:

“Will you sign my bum?”

Britain’s Got More Talent host Stephen Mulhern has predicted big things for the choir and said:

“These guys are one to watch out for.”

Lisa McGarry

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