Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Profile of Lauren Thalia

Lauren has been a solo performer for the past 18 months, after being in 2 girl bands in the last 4 years. She lives with her mum and dad and younger twin sisters. Her parents started a music and singing school and this is where she learnt to play the drums. She also plays the guitar and writes her own songs about the competitions she has entered and her life. In 2010, Lauren won the under 18s Festival Factor in Basingstoke and performs at open mic nights in her local areas.

What made you audition for Britain’s Got Talent this year?
I felt ready to go for it this year, and as soon as I heard Simon was back, I knew I wanted to perform in front of him. I wanted to give it my best shot, but didn’t expect to get this far!!!!

What’s the most exciting thing about your Britain’s Got Talent experience so far?
The most exciting thing was the deliberation round when I found out I was through to the semi-finals. It was SO tense but I felt AMAZING when I found out I was through. Performing live at the London Auditions was also such a FANTASTIC experience for me as a performer! I loved that as well. In fact, I’ve loved every minute of this whole experience and don’t ever want it to end.

Are you nervous about performing in the live shows? Which Judge scares you the most?
I’m really looking forward to the live semi-final shows, and I’m more excited than nervous about performing again in front of the Judges, the audience and the viewers watching at home (fingers crossed they’ll like me!). None of the Judges scare me because they’re honest. So I have to make sure I put on a really good performance!

What will you do with the £500,000 prize money if you win?
Eeeeeekk! That would be just SO amazing to have won! £500,000! WOW! I would probably put some money towards helping my mum and dad buy their own house, with a recording studio that I would be in 24/7! I would have to take us all on a huge shopping spree, because I love shopping so much!!! Also, I would take us on holiday to Disney Land. I have wanted to go since I was very young and it would be the best thing to finally get to go.

What does performing at the Royal Variety Performance mean to you?
To perform at the Royal Variety Performance would just be an absolute dream come true for me! So many amazing people have performed and it would be such an honour to be part of it. It would be so amazing to represent Britain’s Got Talent in front of a member of the Royal Family, and to perform at such a big event. I would love it!!!!

Why should you win Britain’s Got Talent?
My style of music is so different. I like to sing and perform songs that no one would expect to come out of a 12 year olds mouth! I also think I deserve to win because I am so dedicated. I practice all the time and not because I have to, but because it’s the biggest dream of mine. I love it so much, and I want it so badly!

How would you feel if you won? What do you want to do at the end of BGT?
It would be the most AMAZING, extraordinary, fantastic feeling in the world. I honestly can’t find enough words to describe how happy I would be! It would make my family so proud and show that everything they’ve done for me has really helped. I really couldn’t have done it without their support!

My ultimate dream is to become a well-known recording artist that people love to listen to and would want to watch! So I think if I won the show I would work hard at writing my own music and continue to practice to help make my dream a reality!

Tell us something about yourself that people may be surprised to know
Well… I have a small crush on Ed Sheeran!

If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be?
It would be such a hard decision for me to choose only one person to meet, because there are so many people that inspire me, and I really don’t think I could limit myself to just one person! I think I could narrow it down to my Top 7:

Jessie J, Ed Sheeran, Labrinth, Florence and the Machine, Tinie Tempah, Hayley Williams/Paramore and Katy Perry!

Who has been your favourite act from previous series of Britain’s Got Talent?
It would have to be Diversity because they were so surprising and inspiring! They were so slick and polished, and had some really unusual and crazy ideas to incorporate in their dance; it made them so much fun to watch!

Lisa McGarry

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