Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Ryan O’Shaughnessy is ‘amazed’ by One Direction and Mollie King support

Ryan is a singer/songwriter from Dublin and he’s currently studying music at college. He comes from a musical family – his dad is in a band and his mum used to sing vocals in a band. His claim to fame is that he once appeared in Fair City – a soap opera in Ireland.


How did it feel when your name was called out and you knew you were through to the final?

It was surreal. I’ve watched people over the years getting through to the final but never thought it would happen to me. I felt a bit proud of myself too.

What has the response been like from members of the public, family, friends and fellow contestants?

After the show my mam and dad came down from the audience and they were the proudest parents in the country! People after the show were really complimentary. Fellow contestants were genuinely delighted for me too.

What would winning Britain’s Got Talent mean to you? How do you think it would change your life?

Now that I’ve made it to the final, I am starting to believe that I could do well especially considering I mainly entered the competition just to gain some experience and feedback. It already has changed my life, and I know that I can pursue music now, which is an awesome feeling.

What have you got planned for the final?

I don’t know yet. I have a few different options of original songs. I’m going to think long and hard about it, I want to play something that the audience will enjoy. I think that’s the most important factor in choosing the right song.

There’s been lots of support on Twitter. What has been your favourite tweet?

A few guys from one direction have tweeted me as well as Mollie from the Saturday’s and a few people from TOWIE. Ican’t help but be star struck when that happens, it’s amazing to think they’ve listened to my songs.

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