Britain’s Got Talent 2013: After that kiss, David Walliams thinks Simon Cowell loves him even more than Sinitta!

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David Walliams is feeling pretty loved up an appreciated this morning.

The Little Britain star spent the day in Glasgow, with his boss and bestest pal Simon Cowell yesterday and it seems that for once, his adoration and flirtations were reciprocated.

A fan posted a picture online, showing the X Factor boss gazing adoringly at his co-star and they added the caption:

“You and your Simon last night! #love”

Walliams teased:

“He is looking at me like he loves me.”

Another audience member shared a photograph she had taken, which once more shows Si Co paying rapt attention to David. The comic responded:

“He really loves me…”

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David later told his Twitter fans that he has won a special place in Cowell’s heart, even usurping ex girlfriend and star hanger on Sinitta. He tested:

“The chemistry is unbelievable. Even @sinittaofficial didn’t make him smile that much!”

Onlookers at yesterday’s auditions say the banter between the pair made their day and it all began when Simon, 53, was seen holding David’s waist as they arrived at the Scottish tryouts.

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The pair kept up their touchy feely behaviour all afternoon in Clyde Auditorium and at one point, as David stood in front of the record label boss, he showed his adoration by planting a soft kiss on his shoulder, as the audience giggled.

Walliams may have gotten a little bit carried away with all the flirty fun though and it seems he slightly over stepped the mark when he asked Si Co to spank him, laughing:

‘I’m the love machine, I’m a sexy beast.’

Simon politely declined.

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Meanwhile, the Britain’s Got Talent boss is starting to feel the pressure of online fame, as he topped the six million follower mark on Twitter last night. He tweeted his ans saying:

“Thank you to all my followers. Now over six million. Now I have to be interesting.”

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